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The very first production Triumph motorcycle went on sale in April 1902, starting one of the world’s most enduring motorcycling stories.

It’s a story that has shaped the motorcycle world we enjoy today and one that has touched millions of passionate fans who share an obsession for motorcycling. 

For every motorcyclist their bike is not just a vehicle to be ridden, it reflects their attitudes, ambitions, and choice of pleasure, and provides their access to freedom, excitement, togetherness, and simple, joyful fun.


To riders everywhere a Triumph has always been much more than the sum of its parts, encapsulating beauty, style and emotion, with a personality that transcends a physical object – in simple terms, it has soul.

Across the generations, Triumph’s design and engineering teams have produced some of the most characterful and successful motorcycles of all time: created through a shared ethos for continuous, integrated development that encompasses every aspect of the ride.

In the unique development process Triumph’s engine, chassis and styling teams work together to deliver the complete motorcycle, with continuous influence and input from customers and our expert dealers around the world on what riders want, value and need. 

Renowned globally for precision, quality and style Triumph has been pivotal in shaping the evolution of the motorcycle, with a tireless commitment to pushing back the boundaries of technology, performance and design to deliver the perfect ride for every rider, every single day.

Across generations, Triumph has played a fundamental part in the creation of the motorcycle world we know today, from originating engine platforms that have been adopted across the globe, to inventing and leading completely new categories and technologies, as well as inspiring a whole cultural movement that continues to share a passion for all things motorcycling to this day.

From the very first parallel twin to the highest capacity and highest torque production motorcycle in the world, Triumph’s rich history includes the first factory streetfighter, the first adventure-capable scrambler, the first bobber to ride as good as it looks, the first Moto2 TM edition street bike, the first fuel-injected sports bike, as well as being the only marque to have broken the fastest motorcycle land speed record four times.


Triumph’s iconic style is synonymous with motorcycling. If you gave a child a pen and asked them to draw a bike, they would draw a Triumph.  

from the timeless silhouette of a Bonneville to Steve McQueen’s wire-jumping, The Great Escape movie legend TR6, and from Marlon Brando’s Thunderbird and its infamous appearance in the first ever biker movie right up to today’s instantly recognisable Speed Triple, Bobber and Tiger, Triumph’s impact on the very fabric of motorcycling is like no other.

Marlon Brando and the Triumph Thunderbird

The list of Triumph icons includes some of the most famous names in motorcycling,  including the Bonneville T120 named after Triumph’s twin-engined, methanol-fuelled, Bonneville salt flats record-smashing streamliner; the Hurricane X75, regarded as the world’s first factory custom; the legendary model H, the ‘Trusty Triumph’; the Speed Twin, Edward Turner’s masterpiece that transformed the motorcycle world; the Daytona 675, Triumph’s super sport race weapon of choice, and the game-changing Scrambler 1200 favoured by James Bond.

The commitment and passion to always aim higher is shared with some of the world’s most famous racers. From Mike Hailwood, winner of the first-ever Thruxton 500 to AMA superstars Gene Romero and Gary Nixon, Buddy Elmore, who roared from 46th place to 1st to take the most famous Daytona 200 win in history, to TT legends old and new, from Malcolm Uphill to Bruce Anstey, and Gary Johnson to Peter Hickman.

Starting with Jack Marshall’s first Isle of Man TT win in 1908, to AMA domination in the sixties, right up to today’s Moto2TM world championship record-breaking partnership, Triumph has raced – and won – in almost every field of motorcycle competition in history. 

Triumph shares a drive, commitment and all-encompassing passion for what makes THE perfect ride, from the look, to the sound, to the thrill you get every time you ride, and the simple joy of being part of the motorcycle community


Triumph is driven by a unique fusion of spirit and ingenuity, built on unparalleled experience and a passion for creating legends. They are committed to creating motorcycle icons of the future that combine undeniable personality, character, and Triumph DNA.

From humble beginnings in a small cycle factory in Coventry, England, Triumph has played a major part in defining motorcycling for more than a century, whether that’s taking victories on the track, setting land speed records, inspiring global adventures, or movie legends, and igniting the passion of generations of riders.

From the days of black and white to full colour HD; from the first ever Isle of Man TT to Moto2TM world champions, from carving through countryside corners, to tackling dusty mountain trails, to a Sunday afternoon on the seafront, to checking lap times on a track day, the thrill, satisfaction and sense of being part of something wonderful that every Triumph rider knows is the same today as it’s ever been.

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