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Let yourself be carried away by the melodies of La Dolce Vita. Give in to the charm of pure luxury and the pleasures of an iconic train. And experience an unforgettable journey through Italy.

150 years ago, Georges Nagelmackers turned his dreams into reality when he launched the first luxury Orient Express trains throughout Europe. Today, the legend has been reborn in Italy. You’re invited to embark on a fascinating journey aboard the Orient Express La Dolce Vitatrain.

A tribute to the glamour, joie de vivre, and artistic fervour of the 1960s, Orient Express La Dolce Vita is a dedication to life, to the spirit of freedom, to well-being, and to pleasure.

Embark on a dream journey on a train with lavish decorations from the imaginative and audacious Dimorestudio, the architecture and design studio founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, both inspired by the craftsmanship and golden age of Italian design.

Experience an unforgettable journey aboard prestigious train cabins and suites as you discover the wonders of Italy. Let yourself be carried away by the melodies of La Dolce Vita. Give in to the charm of pure luxury and the pleasures of an iconic train. And experience an unforgettable journey through Italy.


Orient Express La Dolce Vita is composed of 11 cars.  It is a journey into the heart of luxury and the golden age of Italian design. From the vision and talent of Dimorestudio’s architects comes a one-of-a-kind train: the Orient Express La Dolce Vita. Prepare to experience a new art of travel.

Born from the imagination and audacity of Dimorestudio, the architecture and design studio founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, the Orient Express La Dolce Vita invites guests aboard a train with sumptuous decorations celebrating the creativity and genius of the 20th-century Italian design masters. It is a journey to the heart of luxury, inspired by the style of Giò Ponti, Nanda Vigo, Gae Aulenti, and Osvaldo Borsani, references dear to Dimorestudio.

Balancing history with a contemporary spirit, the train has been designed with detailed though never ostentatious luxury and gives the impression of having always existed 


There are three categories to choose from aboard the Orient Express. From Deluxe Cabins to Suites and La Dolce Vita Suite, each car is the epitome of luxury complete with some well-deserved extra attention and traditional room service.

The 12 Deluxe Cabins invite you to disconnect. The sophisticated and warm decor with carpeted floors and wood slats on the ceiling provides the perfect backdrop to experiencing a journey of wonder. Plus, a private bathroom adds even more comfort. When it’s time for the “Great Transformation” aka the passage to Sleep mode, the modular space changes its configuration. The sofa unfolds into a double bed and the footstools act as coffee tables and stools. 

Choose one of the 18 Suites, true master bedrooms (with the option of a twin room) equipped with a sofa, a table, two armchairs, and a private bathroom. The cheerful design alternates shades of orange, terracotta, and purple, and the brass finishes make for an authentic touch.

The smoked mirror walls, the glossy lacquered “burnt sienna” ceiling, the carpets and curtains in precious fabrics signed by Dimorestudio, and the lighting fixtures by the great masters of twentieth-century design, add an extra touch of soul to the decor.


From the “Grand Tour of Italy” breakfast to the Afternoon Tea, the Aperitivo, and Le Grand Soir evening dinner, the ultimate Italian cuisine and wine await you. Rendez-vous at the Ristorante. The decor is eclectic with geometric and graphic design for a change of scenery. The walls are decorated with glossy lacquer in shades echoing nature and sage, and the sconces project a soft, deep light. It’s an idyllic setting for lunch and dinner.

This is a true taste of Italy. it is a place where the sweet notes of Italian music resound, all draped in white tablecloths embroidered with Orient Express motifs, olive oils, vintage silverware, and Italian earthenware. On the menu, find a selection of dishes and seasonal products, exceptional dishes (sea urchin coral, truffle), recipes that can be adapted to all dietary restrictions, and the best wines of the Italian regions visited during the trip, all served with elegance and discretion.

Served in the Cabin, the “Grand Tour of Italy” breakfast is inspired by the history of the Orient Express La Dolce Vita train. On the menu: fresh fruit juice, Sicilian brioches, regional jams and Italian coffee. Every day, enjoy a menu of extras including an array of international sweet and savoury specialities. On request, and for an extra charge, breakfast can also be served in the Restaurant Car (to be validated). Elegant table linens, delicate china, Orient Express teas, and champagne are served as Italian music plays in the background.

Guests may choose to raise a glass in the Bar Car. This warm and friendly space is sublimated by a bright lacquered ceiling and a selection of furniture in elegant tones ranging from beige to off-white and camel. It’s the ideal setting to enjoy traditional Italian Aperitivo, a sublime buffet of antipasti, signature cocktails and Limoncello. Come and taste some exceptional wines while a photographer immortalizes your greatest evening memories in vintage Polaroids.


An adventure on the Express La Dolce Vita promises the most memorable experiences.  On the program: surprise ballets, changes of scenery, and scintillating storytelling.

The art of travel à la Orient Express La Dolce Vita begins with a mysterious email sent following your reservation. A virtual envelope sealed with wax invites you to contact our Private Concierge who will help you to prepare and personalize your trip. As the grand departure approaches, the concierge collects every traveller’s preferences and elegantly tailors his recommendations accordingly.

While waiting for departure, the Guest Experience Manager, your very own Orient Express personal concierge, will take you to the Orient Express La Dolce Vita Lounge to watch a mysterious ballet, where the most beautiful travel objects parade before your eyes, where Turkish guitars set the mood, where you can savour Italian sweets and enjoy a few glasses of “aqua frizzante” and Spritz. A few minutes before departure, meet on the quay for a hail of honour from the crew.

In the Bar Car, you can listen to live Italian music, share a drink, a cocktail, or a snack, and indulge in the art of gambling. This is the place to be for lovers of Scopa, an Italian-style card game, chess, and backgammon where “travel items” are also available for sale and where you can meet for – and even organize your own – tournaments.

The Orient Express La Dolce Vita is transformed when night falls. Announced over the loudspeakers, the “Great Transformation” to bedtime shakes up the vibes on the train. The lights dim. The decor changes. In the Salon and in the corridors, a subtle choreography takes place. The pianist plays a new repertoire. The crew members wear bow ties (the men) and scarves (the women). And in the Bar Car, the train’s sommelier prepares magical elixirs and food pairings.

Le Grand Soir, the Big Night, aka the flagship evening event of the Orient Express La Dolce Vita. In the cabins, the Orient Express staff offer style advice to anyone who wants it. A handwritten letter invites you to head to the restaurant for the launch of the evening. It all begins with a story, that of the meeting between East and West, through its legends and fables told throughout the menu. Between each dish, a Storyteller hops from table to table and reveals other secrets and mysteries of the world.

Because memories are life, Orient Express offers you a Travel Book where you can insert photos, postcards, menus, and a few paragraphs dedicated to the stories of your adventures on board. Each Travel Book is equipped with a QR code that can be activated after the trip, giving access to the Nomads program and to content including details of the chosen itinerary, the trip’s playlist, recipes… and the option to take advantage of exclusive offers.

On the loudspeakers, the arrival time is announced. The baggage handlers are busy between the cars. And as an “ultimo recordo”, a photographer immortalizes your last moments on board the Orient Express La Dolce Vita. The final moment of the journey, the farewell ceremony takes travellers through a warm and theatrical procession of honour to the tune of joyful Italian music. Say the last goodbye to the driver who will give you a letter written in Italian, to be opened whenever you want.

For more information on the Orient Express please visit here.

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