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BabyBjörn Celebrates 60 Years of Putting Families First 

BabyBjörn, the family-owned Swedish company famed for their innovations in the childcare space, is turning 60. For six decades, the Jakobson family has made life easier for families with small children across the world. Since 1961, millions of babies have been carried in a baby carrier, rocked in a bouncer, or trained on a potty bearing the BabyBjörn logo. 

The business started when Björn Jakobson had an idea for a product during a trip to the US. He developed the baby bouncer, a product that would prove to be revolutionary. From this moment, BabyBjörn was born and, together with his sister-in-law Elsa Jakobson, they embarked on a mission to help make life easier and more fun for parents. 

As BabyBjörn blows the candles out on their 60th birthday we caught up with Annika Sander-Lofmark, Head of PR at BabyBjörn, to find out how special it is to be celebrating 60 years, especially during these challenging times.  

“We have never deviated from our wish to make life easier and more fun for parents. That guides us in everything we do, every day.” Annika tells us, “Times have indeed changed during six decades and the situation for parents has and will always evolve. Being in close contact with families and young children all over the world means that we learn and develop constantly. When times are challenging it is more important than ever to offer support and make sure we do this in the best possible way. That is something we celebrate.”

BabyBjorn has never deviated from their wish to make life easier and more fun for parents

She added that, “60 years’ mean that we have been staying relevant and have always listened and learned. Because being there for parents all over the world means always being ready to change and adjust the way we do things. One thing will never change though: small babies’ need for safety and security and their parents’ willingness to do whatever they can to provide that. 

Although parents’ situations can differ between countries and cultures, children have the same needs—security, love and closeness—wherever they are born. This is BabyBjörn’s driving force and the reason why its products from Sweden have become so popular with families all over the UK and the rest of the world.” 

Today, BabyBjörn’s range includes baby carriers, bouncers, cribs, kitchen products and bathroom products. Its products are available in more than 50 markets including Asia, North America Europe, and throughout countless stores across the UK. 

Annika believes that one of the many reasons for BabyBjörn’s enduring popularity is their ability to be innovative and constantly evolve. “All products stem from a proper need and have a unique solution to an everyday challenge. The development of a new product is a process which involves hundreds of families testing different prototypes and solutions. It also includes numerous test institutes, medical experts, and specialists. “ 

Throughout their 60 years one of the biggest innovations and changes BabyBjörn has made was to revolutionise the way people saw the role of the father in the household. “BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned company and equality has also always been a natural guiding star,” said Annika, adding that, “developing products with both parents in mind and showing both mothers and fathers in advertising was something incredibly unique in the sixties. Indeed, there is great advertising photo of Björn changing nappies in a white shirt and tie from 1965.”   

One of the biggest innovations and changes BabyBjörn has made was to revolutionise the way people saw the role of the father in the household.

Although such imagery is less ground-breaking today it was unique advertising campaigns such as this which helped the company to break new ground and change an entire industry. Annika believes that of all the changes they have helped to make, their mission to create solutions for closeness in everyday life for families remains most important. “Families are different and will wisely chose their path. As today’s media landscape can create unnecessary pressure and anxiety on parents, it is important to have a message that strengthens and supports them. Many parents of today are living with an incredible amount of pressure to give their children the best possible life.” 

In 2018 Björn and Lillemor Jakobson handed over ownership of the business to the next generation to the next generation, with CEO Stina Westerstad taking over and ensuring the Board remain in line with the same vision and values as always. Caring for the next generation is the cornerstone of company of a company proud to be celebrating 60 years of closeness and love between parents and babies. 

CEO Stina Westerstad, believes the ethos of the company is as strong as ever: 

“We are a family-owned company and focus on what is best for families. In 1961, we sold our first bouncer. Since then, we have listened and learned from parents and experts to create beloved products that encourage closeness and are used and loved every day. Everything we do, we do for the next generation.” 


While being a globally renowned brand with ever-growing popularity in the US and across Europe, BabyBjörn products are also heavily stocked across the UK. You can easily find out where your nearest stockist is and learn more about the business, their values and their history over at the BabyBjörn website.  

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