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Belvedere Vodka brings together a stellar community of outstanding creatives who have created an unforgettable campaign inspired by the pure emotion captured in a glorious moment of feeling free

Belvedere, the world’s first super-premium vodka, has revealed a monumental campaign featuring critically acclaimed actor Daniel Craig as he has never been seen before. Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, the unexpected, fun and inspired collaboration showcases Craig’s talent to surprise and innovate.

Courageous in spirit with a warmly rebellious energy, the campaign unites an exceptional community of collaborators. Craig has been skillfully and humorously choreographed by celebrated choreographer JaQuel Knight, to an original track written and performed by global superstars Rita Ora and Giggs and produced by hitmakers Invisible Men, Bandits, and Hungry Man. The accompanying campaign stills were photographed by the iconic Juergen Teller, in the same suite that sets the scene of the movie’s grand finale whilst Christine Centenera has styled the shoot with a clean, modern edge.

Taika’s unique vision imagines how life might look when the cameras are not rolling. Craig moves out of a gathered crowd and passes across Paris’s iconic Pont Neuf bridge. He playfully sashays his way through the lobby, hallways, and rooftop of the luxurious Cheval Blanc Paris never missing a beat. Finally, and seemingly without a care in the world, the actor side-steps into the spectacular suite, and dances towards the Belvedere bar. Then just as he is about to take an ice-cold sip, the Director yells cut, and Waititi makes a cameo as he asks Craig to take it from the top once more. 

All in all, a group of inventive and gifted provocateurs, who each have a taste for the unconventional, have creatively captured an incredibly unique snapshot as a nod to their and Belvedere’s shared values of self-expressions, authenticity, and style.

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