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Ellipsis: Making Sustainability Sexy

Nicole Christie is the fearless entrepreneur behind Ellipsis, a brand created and manufactured in Scotland, that highlights how sustainable fashion can still be fashionable. 

In a generation polluted with regurgitated high street designs it is difficult for anyone to stand out from the crowd; Ellipsis is making strides to be the exception to that rule. They are a sustainable luxury womenswear brand that creates timeless ready-to-wear garments that are expertly handcrafted in Scotland. 

Their mission is to embody slow fashion. Creating unique and exceptional garments using sustainable fabrics that are made to a luxury standard and to be worn season after season. 

Founded in 2020, in the face of one of the most turbulent times our society has ever known, Ellipsis has excelled in adversity.  A shining light in one of the most polluting industries on the planet, Nicole Christie and her team are aiming to be a pioneer for fashion-conscious connoisseurs that are also looking to reduce waste. 

Journal Magazine Ellipsis: Making Sustainability Sexy Woman Wearing Headband and Dress
 Some of the chic work showcased by Ellipsis.

Nicole sat down with Journal Magazine to explain what she hopes Ellipsis can achieve: “We don’t expect the public to completely change their shopping habits, but if we are able to get someone to think if they really need new clothes every single time they go out, then we have made another small step in slowing down fast fashion.” 

“We are a generation of disposability which is influenced by attractive low prices.  We want to use our platform to highlight the importance of knowing the process and the story behind every garment.” 

Rather than simply focusing on creating beautiful garments, or focusing solely on the environmental piece, the goal for the Ellipsis team is combining the two and bringing a luxury and sexiness to sustainable fashion.

Artisan Inspiration

Designing is something that Nicole has always wanted to be involved in ever since she was a young girl watching aspiring designers on Project Runway.  She began researching and creating the foundations of Ellipsis during her final year of study at Manchester University specialising in Fashion Design and Production. 

After achieving her degree, she wanted to pursue the idea of having her own business. She first set about gathering as much experience as possible, finding inspiration in a collaboration between The Princes Foundation and Yoox Net-a-Porter – championed by HRH The Prince of Wales.  

The partnership, which is known as the Modern Artisan Project, unites students and recent graduates from Scotland and Italy, celebrating the marriage of artisanal textile and high-end sustainable manufacturing. As one of four ‘British Artisans’ selected to be involved in the collaboration, Nicole had the opportunity to work on a sustainably-led collection that sold internationally and featured in Vogue UK, Vogue US and Elle US.  

It is from here that Nicole took on the sustainability mantle and was inspired to make it a focal point of her next endeavour: “The project educated me on the importance of sustainability and has completely shaped my business today. It inspired me to continue executing traditional methods of craftmanship by creating my own brand, Ellipsis.”

“As a young female I want Ellipsis to help drive a change in fast fashion globally.”

Never Give Up

For Nicole, her entrepreneurial journey has been a rollercoaster of highs, lows, and everything in-between. “It’s never easy, but then no one said it would be. You just have to keep going and stick to your beliefs. Then the moment your vision and one of your many dreams come to life right in front of you, the adrenaline and that feeling is unreal.” 

So, how does Nicole find the strength required to fight through the difficult times of owning and operating your own fashion brand?: “At times I find it a very lonely process, and when I was really struggling my boyfriend suggested listening to podcasts to stop my mind wandering into negative space. I began listening to Female Start Up Club on Spotify, which not only distracted the silence but it inspired and educated me listening to other female entrepreneurs on their journeys. I would highly recommend it.” 

Supporting Independent Brands

It is undeniable that people are beginning to wake up to a world where we should be encouraging independent brands such as Ellipsis, rather than continuing to feed faceless corporations often motivated by greed. 

“The quote ‘when you support a small business you support a big dream’ sums this up perfectly. I think we should support and celebrate those who are on their journey to achieving their dreams. A small price for us, is a huge milestone for them and you have the opportunity to make it come true.” 

Journal Magazine Ellipsis: Making Sustainability Sexy Model Posing in Ellipsis Dress
 Sustainable fashion should never come at the price of looking glamorous, Nicole and the Ellipsis team believes.

Making a mark on the Industry

Nicole’s big dream has become more than that; it has become a reality. From her first collection ‘All Barre One’, which was designed and pattern drafted all by herself using discarded pieces of silk, to their recently launched Nightwear Collection made in 100% silk and featuring night dresses, short and top sets, pillowcases and more, there is a sense that the sky is the limit for Ellipsis. Next on the list to launch is ‘Beneath the Skin’, a collection that Nicole wants to represent “the outer and inner strength contrasting with the vulnerability from within that we hide with this shell.” 

Ambitious, determined, relentless and hardworking are just some of the words that could be used to describe a fiercely talented entrepreneur who is changing the way we look and think about fashion. “I strongly believe that everything in life has a meaning and purpose. The name of my brand derives from the fact that three is my lucky number and an ellipsis is the set of three dots at the end of a sentence, meaning more is yet to come.”

“Through Ellipsis, I hope to make a mark on the industry by proving that sustainability can be fashionable and that there is a big market for high quality garments handmade in Scotland.”

For Nicole and Ellipsis, the story has only just begun…

Ellipsis are currently promoting their Nightwear and All Barre One silk ranges. For more information and to purchase some of their sustainable chic ranges, click here. 

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