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From Abbey Road to Geneva: The Swiss Timepiece Evoking Classic Beatles

Swiss watchmaking maison Raymond Weil announces their fourth collaboration with The Fab Four.  

Four is a number emblematic of the iconic rock band The Beatles. It’s the number of members in the group, the name of one of their earliest EPs and now it’s the number of exclusive Beatles watches created by the prolific watchmakers at Raymond Weil.  

The Maestro Series 

As part of their Maestro series creating watches that draw inspiration from music icons, Raymond Weil has created a series of unique and limited-edition Beatles watches to represent four of their most famous albums.  

This recently announced watch takes notes from Let It Be, and follows in the footsteps of previous entries inspired by Sergeant PepperAbbey Road and the initial release inspired by the entire back catalogue of the great band.  

A spokesperson for the brand told us: “This piece embodies Raymond Weil’s desire to return to its musical roots, and what better way to do so than with the inspiration from the legendary band’s 1970 album.”  

From Abbey Road to Geneva Journal Magazine Raymond Weil Beatles Watch Worn by Model
The Maestro watch in action.

Creating The Watch 

With a four-baton index to represent each member of the band, and with watch hands centred on the city of Liverpool as a reminder of where the iconic story began, the design has a variety of unique nods to the seminal group.  

The build shows the same quality as you would expect to find across the Raymond Weil range: “The watch is housed in a 40mm stainless steel case, with a light brown nubuck-effect strap that’s made from FSC-certified vegan materials. It’s also self-winding with a 38-hour power reserve.”  

The gorgeous piece is a must-have for any hardcore Beatles fan and, with only 3,000 units being made, it’s also a limited-edition piece worthy of any collector’s trove. “It’s really an alliance of innovation, watchmaking expertise and a strong musical commitment. This model carries a timeless message of optimism and recalls the spirit of an entire era, reviving images of impromptu concerts on the rooftop at Apple Studios.”  

The Verdict 

It’s not an easy task to draw musical inspiration when creating a fashion accessory, especially a watch. The designers are limited to a smaller space and the design can’t be as on the nose as a t-shirt stencil or a graphic.  

What Raymond Weil have achieved with this, and the wider Maestro series, is to create a stylish watch that harks back to music icons without pandering, making a stylish timepiece suited to occasion-wear or everyday use, without making it a novelty. Only on closer inspection would you take in the small features that act as a tribute to the Fab Four, with the watch doubling up as an elegant piece of wristwear.  

Subtle, understated and yet uniquely Beatles.  

Money might not be able to buy you love, but it can certainly buy you a stylish addition to your wardrobe.  

You can find the Let It Be edition of the Raymond Weil Beatles collection via the Raymond Weil site, as well as other Beatles-inspired timepieces and others inspired by artists such as Bob Marley.  

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