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Brand new from Lacoste Footwear is the Active 4851; a futuristic yet classic sneaker that is named using the coordinates of the first-ever Lacoste product factory.

The new model, is built with tireless attention to detail, the Active 4851 is about lightness, movement, and comfort. The shoe has sport at its heart, bringing all the technicality of performance to everyday life. It is a shoe for those who want style even when living at the fastest pace.

The Active 4851 offers a futuristic yet classic approach in terms of design and feel, nodding to the rich history and icons of Lacoste’s heritage, all while embracing wellness, technology, sport; all pillars of modern life.

Today’s sneaker-wearer wants a shoe that unites disparate elements; culture with comfort, history with
modernity, richness with simplicity, technicality with savoir faire, agility with elegance, sport with lifestyle. This mix is best encapsulated by Lacoste’s latest tagline; rendered on the upper of the new Active 4851 shoe, “From the Court to the Streets since 1927.”

The sneaker combines respect for the pillars of Lacoste’s history –– sporting excellence, French elegance – with a modern sensibility that prioritises innovation and refinement.

The Lacoste branding on the upper includes the geographic coordinates of the very first Lacoste product factory in France, where the iconic polo shirt and other key pieces were first produced. The numbers in the shoe’s name – 4851 – come from this same geographic Information.

Lacoste has always been committed to ensuring that their pieces offer comfort, and this shoe is no different; it is designed for a busy modern existence, for life on the go, and yet the silhouette and design features are by no means rushed. The mix of materials – in particular the dual mesh upper, with a fluid net – revolves around the idea of movement. The shoe’s fit system is intuitively comfortable, thanks in part to a double-layered tongue, so the wearer does not feel the imprint of the laces.

This product is purposeful; you can take it from work to sport to parties. The shoe is suited to all gender and comes in a triple white colour way alongside plenty of different options, some mono colour, some tonal. All come with a dynamic triangular detail on the sole, a nod to the scales of the iconic Lacoste crocodile. The shoe suits the tastes of modern consumers, who want to know that their garments and sneakers have a story.

Active 4851: The fluidity of great design with the heritage of sport. An ideal every-day shoe for those who want sophistication, innovation, authenticity and movement. Available at, £120.

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