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Here is an invitation into the Lacoste world – a playful, unexpected place, where generations connect in surprising encounters, where diverse characters are truly themselves, where friends and strangers cross and collide, where the little things in life are celebrated, in all their oddness and beauty.

A place where French history meets a global future. A place rich with cultural connections and spirited transgressions. Where chances and coincidences abound. Where dreams are followed. A place where the possibilities of impossibilities are proved.

L001 x L002 unites past with present and the future.

The film celebrates two key Lacoste sneaker icons; the L001 and L002. Both bring the extraordinary to everyday wear; offering style, comfort and cultural riffs to daily wardrobes worldwide.

Offering style, comfort and cultural riffs to daily wardrobes worldwide,L001 x L002 unites past with present and the future – bringing archive elements from Lacoste’s rich tennis history into the contemporary.

This unique film does the same – uniting young and old, the global and the local, the specific with the shared. We meet various characters – an aspiring world recorder holder, an energetic dog, a disgruntled bee, an amateur footballer, a ping pong player, amongst others.

It is a celebration of the way the crocodile transcends differences and divisions, crossing cultures, generations and epochs, and inviting everyone to join in with the journey.

Lacoste’s rich tennis history is brought to life with these iconic sneakers.

Both sneakers are rich with references and nuances; when worn, they complement the individuality of the wearer, becoming as unique as any moment in time.

The L001 takes Lacoste’s rich tennis heritage and twists it into an utterly modern shoe; an instant classic that bridges cultures and eras, connecting wearers.

The sneaker’s key details are taken from treasures in the Lacoste archive; the Rene, the first ever shoe created by Rene Lacoste, and a vintage racket from 1980s. The retro shape and mood of the Rene informs the spirit of the L001, while kinetic lines running along the racket’s handle are directly transferred into an angular triangular design on the sneaker’s upper. The sneaker is elegantly sporty and genderless.

The retro shape and mood of the Rene informs the spirit of the L001.

The L002 is very special court sneaker, designed specifically for women. It is a shoe for the urban adventure; ready for wherever the city takes her.

The shoe plays on the L001, nodding to Lacoste’s tennis history and the brand’s rich archive of clean, elegant design, while speaking to a new generation, and their passion for playful twists and nostalgic moments. The shoe has an eye-catching chunky outsole; an exaggerated version of that found on the L001.

Specifically designed for women the L002 is a shoe for the urban adventurer; ready for wherever the city takes her.

Both sneakers are available in various colourways, to fit in with the unique wardrobes and tastes of their wearers. In this film, the sneakers are shown out and about – walking, playing, competing, meeting – enlivened by the many distinct characters who wear them. Characters who are on the go; characters with the freedom of spirit to live life their way, with no compromises. They are the true mascots of the spirit of the L001 and L002.

Look around; everywhere, magic and fantasy meet reality. In this film, and in the Lacoste world, every day is an adventure, an escapade, a mystery, a challenge, a walk in the park, a marvel, a joy.

Discover the film here and enter the world of lacoste and the L001 x L002

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