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Introducing the Matilda Sneaker from INUIKII

INUIKII are delighted to introduce the Matilda Sneaker for autumn. A super lightweight, urban and feminine allrounder.

The Matilda Sneaker, is designed for both comfort and style, and offers women a perfectly versatile shoe for in-between seasons. 

The Matilda is a celebration of exploring the limits of fashion and creation

INUIKII is an independently owned, luxury footwear brand, with sustainability at its heart. Designed in Switzerland, each pair of shoes are handmade in Europe using only European materials, meaning that each pair is unique and finished to the highest of standards. 

The launch of their autumn Matilda snerskrr is a celebration of exploring the limits of fashion and creation.

The popular popular sneaker has undergone some changes and is now available in a more playful crochet, bi-color or suede version and the classic version comes in a variety of fresh new colours.

Some things are not meant to be changed though, like the ultra-light EVA sole. Chunky yet light and comfy is the winning combo of the Matilda.

The Matilda has landed


The design team at INUIKII is constantly looking for new materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly.
INUIKII is proud to be one of the first footwear brands to use BANANATEX, which is the world’s first durable, waterproof fabric made purely from banana plants.

Cultivated in the Philippines with a natural ecosystem of sustainable forestry, the plant requires no chemical treatments and is fully biodegradable.

The brand has also recently introduced its very first fully vegan shoe, made solely of wastage from Italian vineyards. Utilising grape skins, stalks and seeds that would otherwise be discarded during the wine making process.

Cinzia Maag Founder and CEO of INUIKII, is passionate about sustainability and it forms part of the core values of the brand

“Quality, fun and sustainability are always kept front of mind when we design a new collection together. We love to experiment with fine-quality leathers and unusual materials.

We like to see ourselves as one big family celebrating the unique individualities and strengths each of us bring to INUIKII. Our ultimate aim is to allow the wearer of each of our shoes to feel stylish and comfortable.”

A Family Affair

So who and what is INUIKII? We’re glad you asked. The brand was founded by Cinzia Maag and her sons Danilo and Alessio in 2013, initially as a brand for the colder months, when both style and function is key.

Cinzia Maag

INUIKII has since gone on to make state-of-the-art curated footwear for all seasons, keeping not only durability and style, but also sustainability and practicality in mind.

The bedrock of the brand is all about embracing differences and designing pieces of statements to disrupt expectations. INUIKII is focused on developing striking and adaptable footwear to appeal to the modern woman and man.

Danilo and Alessio Maag

We like to see ourselves as one big family. Celebrating the unique individualities and strengths each of us bring to INUIKII. Our ultimate aim is to allow the wearer of each of our pieces to feel stylish and comfortable, but most importantly when they put on the shoes, create an individual personal fashion statement that is all their own.

Cinzia Maag.

INUIKII has fast become an iconic brand loved by style leaders, such as Olivia Palermo and Mimi
Moocher, and the high-performance craftmanship represents the brand’s commitment to combine practical form and function with timeless style.

Olivia Palermo

Cinzia was born in Perugia, central Italy, and came to Switzerland as a young girl in the early sixties. Here, she went through school and worked at a bank before starting a global recognised brand. “Aesthetics is my passion and what I adore.” She adds.

After an incredibly successful start, INUIKII set their sights on global distribution, which is when a partnership was born and the meeting of great minds.

INUIKII met Swedish fashion entrepreneur, Nicole Nordin. She initially started distributing INUIKII, and quickly saw the popularity of a brand that filled a gap in the footwear market; style and durability with sustainability at its heart. This ultimately led to joining forces to create a partnership that has helped turn INUIKII into one of the most exciting brands in fashion.

Available at, £225-260. 

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