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Appointed as Hackett London‘s ambassador in November 2021, Jenson Button steps into the shoes of Hackett’s stylish leading man once more as the iconic menswear brand launch their fall-winter 2002 campaign.

It is campaign that coincides with the launch of a new logo “inspired by the contemporary simplicity of stylish men.

The new logo for Hackett London perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the label by both looking to its bright future and honoring its rich past. 

The new Hackett logo is a nod to its founder, Jeremy Hackett’s, guiding principle: “Keep it simple.” The brand has simplified its primary logo, which consists of a bowler and umbrellas, to better cater to the most recent fashion tendencies.

This minor modification to the logo mirrors the transition of the typeface of the Hackett London name to a modern Sans Serif.

Sartorial Elegance

The former British racing driver and Formula 1 world champion poses for images taken by Charlie Gray. Button’s wardrobe reflects Hackett’s penchant for classic pieces given a contemporary spin.

For the new fall campaign from Hackett London, Jenson Button spends time in the countryside, taking in the sights and sounds of the natural world.

The color palette, sartorial flair, and homage to the London history of the brand are all elements that the location has that complement Hackett’s menswear.

The fall-winter 2022 ad for Hackett London featuring Jenson Button showcases the brand’s hero pieces for the season. The legendary driver sports prominent clothing from Hackett, including the turtleneck pullover, blazers in various styles, and the Velospeed jacket.

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