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 Lacoste Run Spin Eco Excels in Durable Elegance

That Lacoste has so effortlessly waltzed or jogged we should say into running territory should come as no surprise to anybody.

This after all is typical of a sportswear giant, that has defined convention and continued to adapt, excel, and innovate ever since its inception.

The frighteningly and fearless brand is very much molded in the image of its founder Rene Lacoste: International tennis champion, ingenious inventor, and a man who inspired a whole new lifestyle.

Rene Lacoste


Lacoste continues to advance, break boundaries and inspire. Never content with standing still. They are constantly chasing perfection.

This is never more evident than with their latest line of footwear. The Run Spin Eco, is Lacoste’s most sustainable shoe to date. This environmentally-friendly design is created with recycled textile and synthetic uppers and features a sustainable textile tongue alongside water-based ink branding.

The Run Spin Eco is not only dynamic, lightweight, and sustainable, but it is also exceptional. Make no mistake about it. This isn’t simply a gimmick. This is a high-quality and performance shoe. It is the very definition of durable elegance.

The slimline silhouette and an EVA midsole form an effortless model that offers elevated breathability which is perfect for easy all-day wear. The look is finished with the signature crocodile on the quarter.


It has to be said that Lacoste is more than a lifestyle brand. They are more than their clothing and shoes. They are a community.

Lacoste, believes that elegance goes beyond style. That it is a force that sets women and men in motion and brings them together. That it is a way of being and behaving, a requirement to respect others, adesire to embrace all the diversities that make our communities stronger to form more just, more united and more inclusive societies.

This is why they have called their societal project Durable Elegance. It revolves around two major ambitions: to contribute to making equal opportunities a reality and to lead the way by giving life to the principles of the circular economy.

The very concept of Durable Elegance echoes the life of René Lacoste and his vision of movement. This visionary figure foresaw that freeing movement through clothing was a catalyst for encouraging personal fulfilment and fostering a mindset based on freedom and challenges.

Rene Lacoste a visionary figure

Their products have always been designed to last, and the brand has always been synonymous with elegance across the world. However, they believe that elegance is also a way of doing things, a way of being. It enables people to collaborate and find new solutions. Elegance is a value, a transformative force that can even go beyond our differences. 

Elegance can also be defined as being Lacoste.

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