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Léanne Ansar x Gaâla Limited Edition Capsule Collection

Introducing the Léanne Ansar x Gaâla Capsule Collection; the exquisitely stylish Léanne Ansar, social ambassador for the French Embassy and all-around French style guru, has collaborated with sustainable, French apparel brand, Gaâla.

Léanne models the Lily Cardigan

Léanne’s collection effortlessly captures Le style à la française through vintage silhouettes, a classic colour palette and timeless patterns, creating a stunning ensemble of four key pieces inspired by the ‘loving and courageous’ French women in Léanne’s own family.

Growing up moving back and forth between the USA and France, Léanne gained a double perspective of culture and style; a duality which is evident among these luxurious pieces.

For Léanne there is a personal inspiration behind each design

Léanne’s French roots sparked the familial inspiration which lies behind the collection and ensures that each garment tells a story which transcends time and trends.

The Inspiration

For Léanne there is a personal inspiration behind each design. The four pieces related as part of the collection are made all the more enchanting by their personable stories and each one promises to inspire its wearer to embody the iconic French style that is so revered today. This was a project she was incredibly passionate about and she talks us through the process.

Ninette Set: “My Bonne Maman, Marie- Antoinette prefers being called “Ninette.” She is silly,
loving, courageous, and a survivor. She wore a similar set like this one in the 80’s up until the
present. Every time I think of her, this is what she is wearing.”

Ensemble Ninette

Jeannine Dress: “My Mamie Jeannine is a very intense woman. She is intimidating, observant, clever, and loves attention. My grandfather said she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Turn heads like Jeannine in this very fitting silhouette.”

Robe Jeannine

Aimée Cardigan: My Maman, Aiméé is the life of the party. The type of woman who effortlessly lights up a room and fills it with laughter. She is hopeful, adventurous, lovable, empathetic, and one may call her a “dreamer.” I grew up with her always wearing her gold jewellery and dramatic sleeves.”

Dance the night away like Aimée

Lily Cardigan: “A more classic twist to the Aimée top, this cardigan represents me. This top can be paired perfectly with the Jeannine dress.”

Lily Cardigan

Kelly de Gaâlon, Founder of Gaala

Our hope is that you breathe life into our designs, making them your own, and that you wear them with the same love and integrity that went into their creation.

At Gaâla we are constantly striving to become more sustainable. We carefully choose the best quality fabrics from fashion house leftovers and create timeless pieces that never go out of style. We acknowledge that whilst all our efforts do not completely remove our impact on the environment, our goal is to reduce it as much as we can.

We make use of luxurious deadstock materials that would otherwise have been discarded and ensure that each piece is produced in a positive, healthy work environment by some of the best artisans – who are well paid for their craft.

When I was a girl, hand-me-downs were a way of life. I remember watching my mother hand- sew clothes and adjust already existing pieces so they could be passed down to me or one of my 8 siblings

Kelly de Gaâlon, Founder of Gaala

The idea of taking something and making the piece my own interested me from a young age. Entering the professional world as a grown up I found it difficult to find high quality yet accessibly priced clothing in classic cuts and vintage silhouettes.

It was during my time in Shanghai that I began working with tailors to create my own clothing – and what started as a hobby expanded into making clothes for family and friends. With the confidence my designs gave me and encouragement from the positive responses they received, I launched Gaâla along with my husband and a team of talented Belarusian artisans.

Available now at, €200-€300.

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