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Gaâla is delighted to introduce the Midnight in Paris: Pearl and Silk Collection, inviting women to slip into a silk dress, elegantly decorated with pearls to be transported to a night out in Paris, the historically romantic City of Light.

With upcycled Charmeuse Satin Silk and a shower of sustainably sourced pearls, each silhouette epitomises a night in the magical city, shimmering just as the stars reflect on the Seine.

The Ideal Companion for Any Event

The Pearl and Silk Collection provides timeless, statement evening wear for every occasion with each piece promising love at first sight. The Roslin Dress and Roxanne Dress are the perfect solution to formal dress codes and the Isadora Dress is ready to be styled for an impromptu date night. The Camilla Dress, expertly paired with a red lip and a glass of champagne, adds a glamorous touch of silk to a girl’s night out. The Pearl and Silk Collection promises to be the ideal companion for any event through the winter season.

The new 18 piece collection from slow fashion and luxury brand Gaâla is created in a small-scale European workshop where a safe and ethical work environment is provided with above average wages for each member of the team. Gaâla’s highly experienced tailers truly have a passion for their work, which is reflected in the quality of the finished products

Gaâla is a family-owned brand, committed to environmental sustainability. Founded by husband and wife duo, Kelly de Gaalon and Alexander Zhalezka, Gaâla combines elegant French design with the finest craftsmanship of skilled European artisans, creating timeless and classic womenswear.

Sustainability and Upcycling

with the mantra: ‘Created for the needs of today while enabling the needs of future generations,’ in mind, Gaâla is constantly adapting their way of work to become more sustainable within the circular economy.
Knowing and understanding the impact their actions have on the planet has led Gaâla to mindfully craft their designs using surplus materials from fashion houses, known as deadstock.

These materials are those that are rejected from fashion houses due to overstocking or post-production surplus and will often end up in landfills, Gaâla endeavours to give these beautiful materials a second life and put an end to the waste. Because of the limited nature of deadstock material, quantities are uniquely limited. Gaâla sometimes produces as few as two or three pieces in one fabric.

Founder, Kelly de Gaâlon:

When I was a girl, hand-me-downs were a way of life. I remember watching my mother sew clothes by hand and adjust existing pieces so they could be passed down to one of my eight siblings or me – the idea of taking something and making the piece my own interested me from a young age.

As an adult, I found it difficult to find high-quality clothing in classic silhouettes, at an accessible price. Having always had a passion for design, I began to sketch designs myself and eventually partnered with tailors, who gave life to my drawings and ideas.

What started as a hobby quickly turned into making clothes for family and friends. With the confidence my designs gave me and encouragement from the positive responses I received, in 2019, my husband, Alexander, and I founded Gaâla with the support of a team of talented artisans.

Not wanting to add to the fashion industry’s careless consumption model, Alexander and I discovered that in many cases, luxurious fabrics used by high- end fashion houses are produced in excess and end up in landfills or incinerated. It became clear that Gaâla’s ethos would be to design timeless pieces crafted using these luxurious upcycled textiles along with other high-quality and sustainable fabrics.

The Midnight in Paris: Pearl and Silk Collection is now available at, €300-€450 / $310-$470 / £260-£395.

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