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Prospex Rock Face European Limited Edition ‘Alpinist’

Seiko Watches is delighted to introduce the brand-new Rock Face European Limited Edition Alpinist to the Prospex Collection.

The Prospex Rock Face European Limited-Edition Alpinist takes its shape from the original Seiko Alpinist, which was introduced in 1959 to meet the needs of the Japanese mountain men, the ‘Yama-Otoko’. Taking inspiration from the rugged harshness of the mountain’s rocky exterior, the Prospex Rock Face European Limited-Edition Alpinist emulates the treacherous conditions and terrain that the ‘Yama-Otoko’ learned to survive in. 

The Alpinist was well received from the start and over the ensuing decades, its reputation spread far beyond the Japanese market for which it was first intended.

Remarkably, it was the first Seiko watch ever produced with sports in mind and it blazed a trail that led to the development of many landmark timepieces and timing devices for sports, from stopwatches to diver’s watches. While its core character has remained unchanged, its design has evolved over time. 

This limited-edition timepiece, and the newest member of the Prospex Land Collection, was designed for practicality. It is powered by the Seiko in-house Automatic 6R movement, with highly visible lumibrite on the dial and hands, making it easy to see in any light, and with a 70 hour power reserve. The textured dial looks different as the angle of vision changes, creating alternating effects throughout the day, whilst the blue hands and indices further emphasise the alpine theme.

This limited-edition timepiece is a European exclusive with only 3,000 models being produced. It will be available from November at, £800.

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