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The Tartan Blanket Co. x The Little Magpie: The Launch of the Sell-Out Seasonal Collection of Scarves

“I can’t say my favourite out loud, as I don’t want the others to get a complex!”

Amy Bell, or The Little Magpie as she is known to her 145k Instagram followers, is playing it coy about her latest collaboration. She has partnered with The Tartan Blanket Co., one of Scotland’s leading names in traditional design, to work on an exciting range of scarves in time for Christmas.

Of the collaboration, Amy told us: “The scarf designs were inspired by beautiful Scotland, by colours and prints that I tend to gravitate towards, and a desire to fill the gap in people’s scarf wardrobe that was maybe missing.”

Journal Magazine had the chance to catch up with The Tartan Blanket Co. to learn more about the collaboration, who else they have collaborated with on similar projects and maybe, just maybe, tease out from them what their favourite in the collection is.

Journal Magazine Tartan Blanket Co x The Little Magpie Woman Wearing Chequered Black and White Scarf

Tell us all about your collaboration with Amy Bell and what it involves?

The Tartan Blanket Co. x The Little Magpie collaboration, which includes three distinctly designed lambswool scarves, is a visual exploration of Scotland’s nostalgic past, reinterpreted through contemporary design. Together with Amy, we created a collection that offers a nod to bold British patterning – but in an unexpected way. We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone by taking traditional tartans, deconstructing them and putting them back together in a way that reflects both The Little
Magpie’s insta-worthy style and the rich heritage synonymous with Scotland. The Tartan Blanket Co. x The Little Magpie collection scarves, named after a member of Amy’s family, include:

The Bell – a checkerboard green beauty;
The Spencer – camel on one side, monochrome gingham on the other – think business on
the front, party at the back;
The Roberts – a classic camel tartan scarf with a contemporary flash of green woven

Our preorder of The Tartan Blanket Co. x The Little Magpie collection sold out in 25 minutes, so we’re super excited for our official launch on Friday 19th November at 12.00pm.

How did the process work and what did you enjoy the most?

The collaboration was borne from The Tartan Blanket Co. designers and Amy herself – we wanted to create a collection that was inspired by the natural beauty of Scotland where both The Little Magpie and The Tartan Blanket co. have roots.

Journal Magazine Tartan Blanket Co x The Little Magpie Woman Wearing Green Scarf

Are you allowed to say which scarf is your favourite?

We honestly love them all equally – picking one would be too hard! Each scarf brings its own unique style to the collection whilst still tying in with the overall mood board.

How exciting are collaborations like this to work on?

Collaborations are a great way for our designers to create pieces that are a bit different from what we usually do, while incorporating a brand new style with each concept we work on. The Tartan Blanket Co. has worked with some amazing individuals over the years, from our first ever joint collection with fashion editor Anna Cascarina, to our summer collaboration with art director Zeena Shah – and every time it’s a pleasure.

The Tartan Blanket Co x The Little Magpie launches on Friday 19 November at 12pm. Click here to explore the collaboration and make your purchase.

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