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Timex Celebrates 50 years of Quartz with the Q Timex Chronograph

The emergence of the Quartz watch in the 1970s saw a new wave of timepieces that replaced mechanical movements with quartz movements.

This became known as the Quartz Crisis as watch production shifted dramatically to a new technology that allowed for more accurate and more affordable watches. In 1972, Timex Watches thoroughly embraced the change and started a Quartz revolution with their Q Timex. 

The Q Timex was the first of many quartz watches produced by Timex Watches, namely the Q Timex Collection which saw one iconic design after another and leaned into the future thoroughly establishing Timex Watches at the forefront of quality, affordable timekeeping. 

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Q Timex, the first quartz watch launched by Timex Watches. To mark the end of such a historic year, I am delighted to introduce the Q Timex Chronograph. This timepiece is inspired by motoring and driven by the power of quartz, it celebrates the endurance and longevity of the legendary Q Timex.

The Q Timex Chronograph takes inspiration from the 1970s Q Timex, a motoring watch that accompanied drivers in some of Europe’s most iconic races. It hosts an ultra-precise chronograph movement and black tachymeter bezel, both of which recreate the finesse and function of a true racing watch. The Q Timex Chronograph allows the wearer to measure elapsed time and average speed, just like the greatest daredevils in motorsports.

Contrasting sub-dials, a date feature, hand-applied dimensional indices and an updated Q Timex logo smoulder against a cream or jet-black dial. The brushed and polished stainless-steel case and crown bring dynamism and durability to the Q Timex Chronograph’retro construction.

The infinitely wearable, stainless-steel bracelet or stylish leather strap with quick-release spring bars make for a sporty presentation that’s ready to hit the road whenever you are. 

Available at, £180-£200. Please see a link to high-res imagery here.

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