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Timex x Pan Am collection takes flight!

Timex Watches proudly introduces the Timex x Pan Am Collection, in partnership with one of the world’s most iconic global airlines. The collection celebrates Pan Am as an industry leader, the first airline to fly worldwide which pioneered numerous innovations for the modern airline industry.

The signature Timex® collection takes flight with one of the world’s most iconic and global airlines, the Timex x Pan Am® Waterbury celebrates the industry leader’s rich heritage of aviation.

This nostalgic collaboration harkens back to an evocative period, challenging not only the charm and grandeur of travel’s early days, but also the precision, ergonomics, and unencumbered legibility of a traditional pilots’ watch.

The Timex x Pan Am® Waterbury packs the vintage-aesthetics of an aviation tool watch into a stainless-steel construction of one of our most classic case profiles.

They have kept the sleek, navy-blue dial clean and spacious, crafted-like its predecessors-with the purpose of allowing navigators to quickly decipher the time and orient themselves while flying.

The Timex x Pan Am Collection features the 42mm stainless-steel case construction of the classic Waterbury. It channels the precision, ergonomics and unencumbered legibility which were required by the early aviators as they took to the skies.

With a date function or chronograph movement and brown leather strap featuring Pan Am’s unmistakable “globe” accent plates, the result is a nostalgic tool that captures the spirit of American ingenuity. Each watch comes in a custom gift set box with a Pan Am lapel pin

Available from, £180-£220.

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