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Top Cocktail Tips by Joey the Bartender

Master Mixologist Joe Cobbe, or Joey the Bartender as he is better known to 40,000 of his Instagram followers, has travelled the world enlightening and delighting cocktails lovers everywhere with his array of concoctions. 

Joey is currently creating and making drinks for the Liquid Diary Cocktail Bar, one of Austria’s top establishments. He talked to us about summer cocktails, drinks we need to know about and where he gets his inspiration from. 

What items should any at-home mixologist have?

Citrus (lemon/lime) and homemade sugar syrup is necessary for anybody looking to make perfectly balanced drinks at home. Then, let’s start with a nice range of spirits – Tequila/Rum, Gin/Vodka and Vermouth. And best to always keep them refrigerated!  

What are the basic mistakes to avoid when making at-home cocktails?

It’s easy to have fun with drinks at home. The issue though can often be pouring more than the recommended amount on a recipe. Then 1 hour later being in bed. Which makes for a poor host!  

I also recommend double straining your shaken drinks to remove any ice chips in your glass. Make sure you have lots of ice ready for the night and prepare some nice garnishes to bring your drinks a step higher. An orange peel or rose petal can go a long way! 

What are the best and most underrated cocktails that readers don’t know about yet?

3 or 4 ingredient drinks are not only simple but are the most delicious. For example a “Negroni”, “Tom Collins”, “Daiquiri”, “Martini” and so on. But it is a “Negroni” for me. The French 75 is also 100% underrated and a fantastic drink for every evening in. 

Joey the Bartender Preparing a Drink

What makes an amazing summer cocktail?

Bubbles! Bubbles and carbonation as a whole are a great way to quench your summer thirst. Prosecco, Champagne, lemonade, or ginger ale paired with a light fruity alcohol drink is sure to make for a refreshing summer drink. 

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from for new ingredients and cocktails?

My inspiration comes from gastronomy. There are endless possibilities in what we as bartenders can do. The same way chefs pair meats and sauce, we also must make sure all our ingredients complement each other. 

I love the fact I can go for a walk in the woods and return for example with mushrooms, tree sap, flowers and wood that I can use for many variations of drinks, such as umami syrup for a Bloody Mary, or a tree bark cordial to give my Manhattan earthy notes. Creativity knows no boundaries


You can pick up more recipes, inspiration and ideas, as well as learning more about the Master Mixologist himself, over on Instagram at @joey_the_bartender. 

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