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Wake up Pain Free With the Groove Pillow

Did you wake up with neck pain this morning?

What if something as simple as changing your pillow could take your pain away?  Starting your day in pain is awful.  Painkillers, physio, exercises, and therapies. You name it, no matter what they try, neck pain sufferers’ symptoms often keep coming back.

This constant irritation can then impact sleep, which impacts mood, which impacts the people around you.  Keen to find the trigger point that stops this chain reaction and simply wake up pain-free, imagine how much more energy you’d have and how productive you’d be if you felt like yourself again.

Is your pillow the root cause of your pain? 

It might sound ridiculous that your pillow is the source of your long-term pain. Until you consider the physical strain a standard pillow can put on your neck muscles over time.

For example, this image – from the team at Groove Pillows – could be how your neck looked last night. If your spine is out of alignment your neck muscles have to compensate to support your head.

You may not notice this while drifting off because your body can handle the pressure for short periods of time. Once awake, though, the pain can often be immediate after your neck has been in an unnatural position for several hours.

The posture correcting pillow 

We recently reviewed Groove Pillows to find out how the posture correcting pillow can help you. Unlike a standard pillow, their orthopaedic pillow claims to be able to help repair the damage. Its unique memory foam groove actively relieves neck and spine pressure while sleeping by correcting your posture.

The pillow support allows your neck muscles to relax for the entire night while lying on your back or side, cradling your neck in its natural position.

Mr Chatterjee is a Consultant Spinal Surgeon who practises at The Harley Street London Clinic and the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in North London. On this subject, he says:

“As a back and neck consultant, patients often ask me about pillows. I recommend The Original Groove Pillow. We found the specialist groove offers excellent comfort and flexible biomechanical positioning for different patient needs.”

However, to get the most out of your Groove  pillow, it’s important to pair it with the right pillowcase – as each material is beneficial for a different kind of person.

The original Groove pillow can fit inside a regular pillowcase, but it won’t fit perfectly. This may cause poor alignment as the pillow slides around.

Most people don’t realise how much the right pillowcase can improve their sleep! Each material has slightly different benefits and Groove offers a superb range of tailor-made cotton and silk pillowcase, as well as Tencel, Linen and Bamboo Rayon pillowcases for maximum comfort and results. Customers can also take a specially devised quiz that will allow them to find the perfect tailored made pillowcase that matches their needs.

The 100 day guarantee

There are over 3.5k reviews of The Original Groove Pillow and one key piece of feedback regularly pops up – people are surprised by how comfortable it is to sleep with the Groove and how quickly they notice pain relief.

The company claims this is largely due to their 50D ‘goldilocks’ memory foam; which sounds impressive – and a bit of a challenge for anyone whose neck is a bit ‘fussy’ at times! They say its ability to compress and slowly rebound provides the ideal support-to-comfort ratio.

We think the only way to be sure is to try it. You can now try The Original Groove Pillow at home for 100 days. If their claims don’t meet your expectations, they’ll refund your purchase price plus return shipping.

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