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I wanted to continue with my work: a mix of lifestyle and football.

I was born and grew up in Normandy, Caen, where I also did my studies. A typical day for me is the realisation of projects, prospecting, inspiration and ambition.

My first passion was football and football shirts from an early age. I already had a big collection. It was then in 2017 that I decided I wanted to buy my first camera for my holidays and that’s where my passion for photography started.

two people on the beach, next to the sea.

people on a boat, sailing through the sea.

It was In 2021, that I decided to devote more time to it, so I invested in bigger equipment. Once I had this camera, I did my first free projects, which were things like concerts. Then I worked for The Football Market, and this is where I captured my first football shirts on camera. 

I liked it so much that I wanted to continue in this direction. I was then able to work with other companies in this field.

women wearing a scarf and a vintage football jersey.

man with sunglasses on, wearing a red vintage football jersey.

Women in sunglasses, wearing a vintage football jersey

man wearing a vintage football jersey

man wearing a blue vintage football jersey.

I was already drawing a lot of inspiration from what I saw and what I liked. I said to myself ‘If I like it, other people will like it too,’ so I wanted to continue with my work: a mix of lifestyle and football.

A woman wearing a red and black vintage football jersey.

A woman sitting on a floral seat, wearing a purple vintage football jersey.

I think my style of photography is a mixture of vintage and modern. I try to keep the codes of today’s photography with colourful signs and find people who represent an old time. I like these two styles of photography so I want to mix them: keep a very good quality and with a little vintage aspect.

I’ve been able to work on various projects recently with Classic Soccer Jerseys, Nicola Raccuglia Stade Malherbe de Caen, and Le Havre AC. These opportunities came about through hard work, motivation, and canvassing. I would say that these experiences have been incredible for me because it’s totally what I love and in the field which I want to continue.

A man in tattoos, wearing a hat and a vintage blue football jersey.

A father and son, sitting in a football stadium. The boy is waving a flag.

A man in a football stadium, holding a plastic cup. He has a scarf on and a tattoo on his hand.

A man wearing a vintage football jersey and smoking a cigarette.

Two men sitting alone in a football stadium.

A football player standing alone on a football pitch, with football fans in the background.

One of the projects I’m particularly happy with is the one with Classic Soccer Jerseys. I was given a total carte blanche to carry out the project. I tried to give it my all and I’m really proud of it because the feedback has all been positive.

A man and a woman are sitting down together. Both are wearing vintage football jerseys

A woman leaning against a football post wearing a vintage blue football jersey.

A woman wearing a vintage black and green football jersey.

Travel is also very important to me. My trip to the Philippines was incredibly inspiring. I was able to visit local people and take their portraits.

My aim wasn’t to take photos of the tourist spots but of the local population, who are much more emotional. These people are very welcoming, they love having their picute taken, which is a real pleasure.

A young boy in the Philippines standing alone.

A young boy, sitting down in a puddle in the Phillipines.

The next step for 2024 will be to continue with the upcoming projects that I’ll be announcing shortly. My dream would be to be able to work 100% for a media outlet or club that appreciates my work.

A person in the football stadium surrounded by football fans, holding a scarf.

two men wearing scarves in an empty football stadium.

A man in a football stadium facing away from the camera in a football stadium.

Our thanks to Sofiane Marie

All images by Sofiane Marie

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