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Founded by Alessandro Coltro, who was born near the bustling and fashionable metropolis of Milan, Gents Cafe offers a unique blend of slow content crafted to be savoured over a cup of coffee or an aperitif.

With an irrepressible sense of sartorial style and a passion for life’s finer pleasures, Alessandro brings his expertise to every aspect of Gents Cafe, inviting readers to indulge in a world where taste and elegance are very much on the menu.

“I would say that timeless style, business, discovering new cities, cocktails, and photography, are a few of the great pleasures in my life,” explains Alessandro.

Looking effortlessly stylish and exuding charm, Alessandro is an absolute delight to sit down with. His passion for Gents Cafe is clear and he has managed to create an incredible community of like-minded people who all share a passion for cinema, art, travel, fashion and everything in between.

Gents Cafe crafts and produces beautifully insightful pieces from a community of gifted writers and creatives throughout the world. Whether you’re interested in the intricacies of wine, coffee, or what it is that makes a modern man, you’ll find it there.

“I’m not really into trends,” says Alessandro with a smile. “I’d rather fill my wardrobe with pieces that can withstand the test of time and are considered investment-worthy. I personally aim to have a style that’s timeless and simple but still stands out.”

With a carefully curated wardrobe, Alessandro is very much at home in the style-conscious city of Milan, “I was born and raised just outside of the city and it is an extraordinary place that presents numerous opportunities for me. You can immerse yourself in a vibrant social scene, attend exciting events, and connect with like-minded individuals. One of the things I enjoy most about Milan is exploring its diverse array of cafes and cocktail bars, constantly seeking out new experiences and flavours.

Pasticceria Cucchi Milano

“Moreover, being in close proximity to the breathtaking Lake Como is a true blessing. During the summer, when temperatures soar, I often escape to this serene oasis to indulge in a refreshing day by the lake. Milan truly offers a fulfilling and dynamic lifestyle that perfectly aligns with my interests and aspirations.”

Lake Como, Photo credit: Luke Renard

Travel plays an important part in Gents Cafe and Alessandro’s life. Another place that truly has his heart is Florence, where his most recent visit to the city of timeless beauty and culture was for Pitti Uomo, which he captured for the Gents Cafe community, highlighting the vibrant energy of one of the most charming and historical locations in Italy. “I have had the privilege of visiting this enchanting city multiple times, and each visit brings me immense joy and a sense of belonging.”

In Florence for Pitti Uomo 105, Photo credit: Ata De Çin

Food, music and film also feature predominantly throughout the content offered by Gents Cafe. “When it comes to dining, I find joy in exploring new culinary experiences rather than singling out a sole favourite restaurant. Generally, I’m particularly fond of the genuine ambience and flavours found in authentic Italian trattorie and osterie.

“With cinema, my favourite film of all time has to be ‘Talented Mr Ripley,’ and music is also something I have a deep appreciation for. Trying to pinpoint a single favourite song or artist is a challenging task for me. However, if I were to select one, “You Can Get It If You Really Want” by Jimmy Cliff stands out. This song encapsulates a motivational message that resonates with me.”

Alessandro is not only someone who has an interest in the arts and culture but he is also an incredibly astute businessman who understands the importance of the community he has built. “Your network is your net worth,” he tells us. “This quote resonates deeply with me because I believe that the relationships we build and nurture are invaluable assets, both on a personal and professional level.”

I think this highlights how much Alessandro values the people he meets – he has a magnetic personality and is engaging with everybody he speaks to and that also reflects in the content for Gents Cafe.

As we sit down to look at his journey so far, Alessandro as always is looking ahead, “For 2024 Gents Cafe has outlined key objectives centred around continuous community growth and the consistent delivery of thoughtful content that has consistently resonated with our audience.

“Furthermore, we are actively developing new and compelling stories and concepts that I am confident will enhance and expand the value we bring to our community.”

Join us as we learn more about the man himself, how Gents Cafe came to be and what he believes the concept of being a modern gentleman is.

success is not an overnight phenomenon.

Since my early days, I have always found joy in the process of creating something from the ground up. As a child, I would spend countless hours in the garage with my grandfather, crafting new toys using simple pieces of wood.

This passion for building and creating extended into my adult life, leading me to pursue a degree in computer engineering and soon after that, delve into the world of entrepreneurship.

I have been an entrepreneur for the majority of my life. My journey began when I was 23 years old by launching a digital startup in the food industry. Following that, I founded a second venture in the fashion sector and established a digital marketing agency.

Although these ventures did not achieve the level of success I initially envisioned, they provided me with invaluable lessons about the world of business. I learned that success is not an overnight phenomenon, but rather a product of hard work, unwavering determination, and the ability to navigate uncertainty.

Being a gentleman isn’t like ticking a box and saying “done.” It’s an ongoing journey.

I launched Gents Cafe’s Instagram account in 2016 when I was still in my 20s, embarking on my style journey. Gents Cafe started as my creative outlet, a personal mood board where I aimed to visually represent my definition of being a Modern Gentleman by curating inspiring content found on social media.

Being a gentleman isn’t like ticking a box and saying “done.” It’s an ongoing journey that we all keep chasing and learning from.

Throughout the years of developing Gents Cafe on the side, the community surrounding it has expanded to reach tens of thousands of individuals through social media and our newsletter. The passion for this project became so compelling that in October 2022, I made a commitment to elevate it from a spare-time endeavor to one of my primary focuses.

Today, Gents Cafe has evolved into a global community, a dynamic media brand, and a creative studio.

With over 55,000 people on social media and 11,000 weekly newsletter readers, Gents Cafe engages in contemporary discussions about style, culture, and life. This evolution has been made possible by collaborating with an incredible team of more than 20 contributors.

The mission is to empower men to lead intentional lives through a combination of slow content, community experiences, and bespoke brand partnerships that initiate meaningful conversations. In a world that moves rapidly, we believe in the importance of embracing the art of slowing down and curating one’s journey. Thanks to a community-driven platform, our goal is to inspire, connect, and guide gentlemen on a purpose-driven path where style intersects with substance, creating a positive impact.

The positive vibes and collaboration among our members are like gold, forming the very bedrock of Gents Cafe.

One of the most notable challenges has been building an engaged community. It goes beyond simply increasing the number of followers or subscribers; it entails fostering a sense of belonging for those who join.

I have dedicated substantial time and effort to cultivating strong and valuable relationships with our community members, uniting them around a shared vision, and making their experience my top priority.

Although building a community is a long and arduous process,  it has also been one of our most rewarding achievements. The positive vibes and collaboration among our members are like gold, forming the very bedrock of Gents Cafe.

It’s about savoring life’s little pleasures

For me, the concept of “being a gentleman” has always held a certain allure. It surpasses superficial attributes like clothing or manners and encompasses a set of values and behaviours that embody respect, integrity, and a dedication to self-improvement. It’s about savouring life’s little pleasures, whether it’s relishing the perfect cup of coffee or diving into the latest book from a favourite author.

Now, here’s the thing: any guy can step into the shoes of a gentleman if he’s up for it, but it’s no small feat. As I mentioned in the previous response, it’s a journey – an ongoing pursuit that a man keeps reaching for, rather than a one-time destination. It demands continual learning and growth, and that’s where a community like Gents Cafe comes in. We aim to offer that helping hand and invaluable support along the way.

All our thanks to the wonderful Alessandro Coltro.

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