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ANNA-MARIA ARÉVALO: “I Really Love to Try out New Ideas and Work With Different Photographers. It’s a Way to Express Myself.”

“I was born in Madrid, Spain. However, my mother is German, and my father is half Spanish and half French, so I grew up in a multicultural household.” Explains model and aspiring actress Anna-Maria ArévaloI went to a German school in Spain where I studied in four languages Spanish, German, French and English.” 

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I let the fact that Anna-Maria is fluent in four languages sink in for a moment. After feeling incredibly inadequate, I process it. Being born in raised in Scotland and having lived in the States for a number of years, English is about as far as my talents extend…even then, that’s debatable.

Anna-Maria, as you may have guessed is infinitely more gifted than me. A model and digital creator with a growing presence on social media, she has piercing blue eyes that you could set sail on and an infectious personality to match, “I’m passionate and adventurous,” she tells us.

She is also incredibly hardworking and vehemently passionate about her love of acting. Having appeared in numerous stage productions since age 7, Anna-Maria has a deep passion for acting, and her heart is set on pursuing it as a career.


Anna-Maria is currently based in Germany and a couple of years ago decided to relocate to Hamburg. “That’s where my mum’s part of the family is from.” She explains. “It was mostly because of the Pandemic, and we were hoping it was going to be a little more bearable here, but it ended up being just as bad. I love the port in Hamburg though and just walking around the city, it’s very beautiful.”

Anna-Maria was born with wanderlust in her feet, having travelled throughout the world. It is this desire to explore that will take her on her next adventure, as this October she moves to Dublin, Ireland after being accepted into a professional acting academy, where she goes in search of her dream.

It was a pleasure for The Atlantic Dispatch to sit down with Anna-Maria to talk about her passions, her thoughts on social media and what the future holds.


I started acting at the age of seven in theatre (el Teatro Victoria) in Madrid, and it completely changed me. I used to be very shy, but through acting, I gained confidence and started to flourish.

I have been in multiple plays in Spain, such as, “La Casa de Bernarda Alba” and “Les Miserables,” and it is my dream to keep going. I am starting a new chapter in October. I was accepted into a professional acting academy in Dublin and I hope to develop my skills further and expand to television and hopefully one-day cinema.

In the future, it would be a dream to play in mostly fantasy, action and adventure plots. I also love travelling. I’ve been to 40 countries now. It’s so wonderful to discover all these new destinations, their culture, the people, everything. My favourite destination is Costa Rica. I was completely mesmerised by the landscapes, the warm welcoming of the people, and the food.


My father is a photographer so I pretty much grew up in front of the camera. I really love to try out new ideas and work with different photographers. It’s a way to express myself. I also really enjoy being the one taking photos.


I also love horseback riding. I started when I was 3 years old and it just gives me a sense of freedom and the connection you establish with the horse is incredible.

When I’m not working, my Ideal day would definitely involve a good workout session, a little brunch with friends and a walk through the park with my dog, topped off with making a home-cooked meal and relaxing in a bubble bath.

For those who don’t know me, I’d describe myself as, passionate, adventurous, hard-working, very sensitive and empathetic. I’m really good at reading people and talking to them, no matter where I always adapt very well, while still staying true to myself. But sometimes I’m a bit messy.

Photo Credit:  @luisguzm 


I don’t know how I would describe my style or what I love about fashion. Depending on how I wake up my style goes one way or another. I have a very mixed style I’d say.

If I like something I’ll wear it, no matter if it’s edgy, girly, goth, retro, or if it’s trending or not. One day you get a little princess, the next a goth girl and the day after who knows.

I love a chilled weekend. Staying in, ordering take out and just watching a movie and relaxing. But I’m also a little party girl. I absolutely love to dance. When I go out with my girls you will not find me at the bar but most likely dancing like crazy on the dance floor till we can’t anymore.

My top three favourite films would have to be, Red Sparrow, Soul and The Tourist. When it comes to books I’m a fantasy and action/adventure junky. Two of my favourite books are Slated and mind games by Terri Terry. My music taste however is very mixed, although lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Rap (Kodak Black, Central CEE,..) and Latin music. I know, weird mix…


Social media has its pros and its cons. It took me quite a while to realise a lot you see on there is fake and that you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone on there. It can absorb you completely and you end up being so unproductive and you often have lower confidence.

However, once you start viewing it as a platform for work, to connect with other people, to find new opportunities and inspire others it becomes a whole new experience. But you always need to keep in mind that often people just show the good side, the side they want the world to see, not the whole picture.

I want someone who is supportive of my dreams and goals and ready to grow and flourish together. Someone who is passionate, driven and consistent. Who is not afraid of showing emotions and who can put up with me when I have my bad days. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past so it’s not always easy for me to trust and let myself “fall.”

I need someone sensitive, caring, loyal, respectful and protective. After all, I’m not only looking for a partner for myself but also my future kids. And also very important, a good sense of humour and a love for travelling and adventure. I’d say that excessive drinking is definitely a turn-off. I love a gentleman, which is really rare these days.

Thanks very much to Anna-Maria.

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