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ANTON SAETEN: ‘The First Time is a Good Time to Try Something for the First Time’

One of the wonders of social media is discovering something incredibly new and exciting. It was this very feeling I recently experienced after falling upon the ridiculously talented Anton Saeten.

Now, I fear I may have been incredibly late to this party, given the millions of likes and follows he has already accumulated across social media. However, not to worry: I have never been particularly great with timing. The most important thing is that I am now here and very much at the party.

Anton’s social media is awash with outdoor adventures, explorations, stunts, sports, images, videos, and reels where he is testing himself to the limit. Whether he is skiing, surfing, or delivering something completely new, unique, and unexpected, it is utterly captivating and all done with the biggest smile on his face.

Now, I have to admit that I was working to a deadline when I stumbled across Anton’s work. Needless to say, that deadline came and went as I found myself hypnotised by the skill and talent that he demonstrates throughout his content, effortlessly turning from one thing to another. One of the main reason for the admiration of Anton’s work is down to the fact that everything he is doing, I wish i could do. I however neither have the skills, coordination, bravery or balls to attempt anything that he does. It is a feeling similar to the one you may get when watching James Bond’s cinematic exploits. When you sit back and think, ‘man, I wish i could do that.’ You soon accept that you can’t and never will be able to replicate such expertise, so you simply enjoy watching somebody exhibiting a masterclass in doing something they dearly love.

‘I don’t experience too much irrational fear, as i usually do things that I feel comfortable with or ready for,’ Anton explains as he sits down for a chat with The Atlantic Dispatch. ‘But if I find myself in an actual dangerous situation I can for sure get scared. That rarely happens though. I would say that I have a deep respect for the forces in nature.’

Growing up in Norway in the inexplicably beautiful Voss, Anton’s parents would take the family on adventures almost everyday. Experiencing life to the fullest, doing everything and anything from hiking in the mountains, to taking on rapids in homemade rafts, or just riding bikes through the picturesque surroundings of their homeland. Voss is a place which is known for its stunning nature, wintersports and extreme sports, it is here where Anton’s adventurous side was born.

The picturesque town of Voss

His parents actively encouraged exploration and curiosity, turning their living room into a “jungle” with ropes, ladders, and swings, so they could climb from one end to the other. Life is there to be lived and for every last drop of it to be experienced to the fullest. That is exactly what Anton and his family do.

From the age of 4 to 8, Anton’s family lived in the United States, where his dad was studying to be a chiropractor. ‘The cultural differences are super huge between these two countries’ Anton tells us. ‘In Norway, a single teacher took entire school classes ice skating on the lake, or took them hiking and climbing. In the States, me and my brother got yelled at for running on the sidewalk because we might fall and hurt ourselves.’

From a young age, he started biathlon and competed at a national level until he was 19. After this he switched over to freestyle skiing, such was his desire to do something completely different and learn new skills. This set alight a passion for exploring every possible avenue of life. From skiing to surfing, to everything in between, he wanted to do it all. And, as he says himself: ‘The first time is a good time to try something for the first time.’

There is pure joy from being out in the elements of nature, either by myself or with good friends and family, loving and respecting nature and making it my playground.

– Anton Saeten


Just now, I am living in Ålesund with my partner so we can get closer to surfing, skiing and climbing locations. Ålesund is next to the Norwegian Alps and is surrounded by alpine peaks and the ocean. It is the perfect place to do my hobbies.

I love taking my sports seriously, but I also love goofing around a little bit. That’s why I try to put my personal touch on my videos by doing something active as well as putting a creative twist to it.

My motivation comes from trying to be the best version of myself. As well as the pure joy I get from being out in the elements of nature, either by myself or with good friends and family, loving and respecting nature and making it my playground.

Anton and his partner


I have always loved freestyle skiing and going out skiing whenever I have some free time. The passion for surfing though started in Voss when I was around 20. The waves only came in once or twice a month, so I was constantly checking the forecasts, and I always made sure I was ready when they came in. Due to the short days in fall and winter in Norway, most of the time I had to go out there by myself in the dark and use industrial lights to help me practice.

With everything I do, I make sure to build my skill level one step at a time. I am terrified of injury and only do things I am comfortable with or feel ready to do. This has kept me injury-free. My advice to anybody is whatever you do, it is so important to slowly progress so you do things as safely as possible.

I don’t experience too much irrational fear as I usually only do things that I feel comfortable with or ready for. But if I find myself in an actual dangerous situation, it is normal to get scared. But that rarely happens. I would say that I have a deep respect for the forces in nature.

Captured by:@gordon_schckr 

My family is super supportive of everything that I do, and they have always encouraged my adventurous side, and often join me as well. There are a few times they have asked me if I am sure this idea is a good one, but they also know how well I plan and prepare, and don’t take any unnecessary risks. The same goes for my friends and partner. They usually join me or take the initiative. I am super lucky to have this support and like-minded people around me.


First of all the most important thing is to find something you really enjoy and start small. Build up your skill level slowly and practice in safe environments until you don’t make any critical mistakes and gradually advance from there.

I feel that if you really enjoy what you do things come naturally. Then, the more you find yourself practising or doing your hobby, the progression comes naturally and fast.

Things don’t have to be extreme either. Getting out exploring and disconnecting from screens, work and everyday stress is so important for overall health. It might not always be fun getting off the couch, but worth it when you do!

‘I am super lucky to have this support, and like-minded people around me.’


I study economics and leadership full-time, and I also work part-time in a sporting goods store. This takes most of my time, but I also use weekends and afternoons to surf, ski, climb, skate, cliff jump, hike or watch the occasional Netflix movie.

I didn’t think this would ever lead anywhere. But recently my content creation has gained more attention, and I would enjoy being able to make a career out of doing this and inspire people along the way.

One of my ultimate aims is to also backpack in Asia with my partner for a couple of months. I’d say that is on my bucket list, Surfing in something other than freezing water, and experiencing the culture and food and another way of life.

As our time with Anton comes to an end, you can’t help but be inspired by him. He has such an infectious energy for life that you can only smile. It is rare to find in this day and age such a level-headed individual, who has a deep appreciation for life, and who just just enjoys life. As he says, when talking about his explorations and activities, ‘they don’t need to be extreme’ just getting out there and appreciating the great outdoors is often enough.’ So wherever you are in the world right now, if you can, look outside and as the man himself says: ‘The first time is a good time, to try something for the first time.’

Thank you very much to the gentleman that is Anton Saeten for this time. You can find him on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram

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