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Social media is now very much the beating heart of any sporting organisation. It’s a place where fans come together to air their views, celebrate, commiserate or berate their team. It’s a modern-day meeting place which in many ways resembles the pub or bar where you would congregate with friends before and after the game to shoot the breeze.

Every day millions of football fans from around the world scroll through their team’s various social media platforms hungry for transfer news, gossip, and interviews with players and the manager. Like a Roman Emperor, the fans will wait to give their verdict on each post and make their thoughts and feelings known, ensuring that their voice is heard.

In the wake of a humbling defeat to a rival, the mood amongst fans will be sour and this will be made crystal clear across each and every social media platform. There will be calls for the manager’s head on a silver platter. There will be demands from fans to change the entire team. They will be emotional. It’s the nature of being a football fan.

On the front line grinning and bearing it all is the social media team, where a thick skin, patience and an incredible amount of resilience, dedication and creativity are needed.


“We’ve really focused on building a sense of familiarity on our channels,” Danny Ciaccio, Senior Manager of social media and content for MLS giants Seattle Sounders. We want our fans to look at our posts with the known expectation that we will provide information and content in a way that feels authentic.

Danny Ciaccio

“We want to have energy and emotion but also come across as polished and sharp. Over time, that comes down to having a familiar brand voice, focusing on compelling visuals (photos/videos/graphics), and highlighting our club’s unique and accomplished history.”


In the world of American sports, creativity is king. Your competition is now not only on the park but off it. You need to be outshining your rivals with your latest kit launch and campaign, showcasing your expertise, and making your posts go viral. it’s no mean feat but It’s something that the Seattle Sounders do very well.

“I always wanted to work in professional sports – it wasn’t specifically soccer at first. I attended a Sounders match as a fan in 2011 for the first time and fell in love with the club. As I entered the Seattle sports scene professionally a couple of years later, the Sounders were the first team to give me an opportunity, and I ran with it from there.”


This year saw the celebration and launch of Seattle Sounders primary jersey for the 2024 MLS season to mark the 50th anniversary of the club.

The kit reflects Seattle’s tradition as one of North American soccer’s most iconic clubs and the launch garnered coverage across the globe and social media celebrated the vintage-inspired aesthetic images of Sounders’ players from the past and present.

Leading up to the start of the season it was a huge victory off the field, and It got people talking about the club, putting eyes on them, and generating interest across the world. It is this level of creativity that is needed daily to highlight Seattle Sounders as one of the major players in the MLS.

That though is just one of many obstacles that face Danny and his team on a daily basis.

“I’d say that each day presents a unique set of challenges, and you must be in a posture of “expect the unexpected.

“The biggest challenge though is the ever-changing digital landscape. Certain processes that worked a few years ago are outdated, and not only are there entirely new platforms that pop up, but also features within each of those platforms. Knowing when and how to allocate resources to those platforms is a constant challenge.”


Sports fans, especially football fans, are possibly one of the most demanding demographics in the world. So in the world of social media, it can often feel like you’re walking a tightrope, which is why maintaining a positive outlook is such a key component of the role.

In over ten years at the club it’s something that Danny has mastered and navigated masterfully and he’s often able to block out any outside noise to lead his team in producing quality content.

“Throughout the week, I keep a general rundown of daily content across platforms, and that serves as the foundation for what we post. Depending on the news cycle of the day (plus notable interactions or trends) we’ll end up posting more than that, which is more reactive content.

“On matchdays, the frequency of posts increases drastically. With a good result, we will keep that momentum going as long as possible – our best-performing days on social are matches, so we try our best to take advantage of those opportunities.”


Throughout his time at the Sounders, Danny has seen the club enjoy a remarkable amount of success, creating memories to last a lifetime.

“This job has provided some incredible experiences and for that, I will always be grateful. We’ve won two MLS Cups, so being a part of those team celebrations (in the locker room with champagne everywhere and riding through downtown in a parade) was a dream come true.

“We also won the Concacaf Champions League in 2022, a monumental achievement that gave us the opportunity to play in the FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco. I never imagined this job would take me to a competitive match in Africa, but it was epic.”

Whilst those days may feel like a distant memory at this moment, there is still much to play for and one of the key objectives for Danny and his team is to continue to mark and honour the 50th anniversary of the club.

“We have a year-long campaign where we can tap into the club’s incredible history. That’s a really cool opportunity for us on the content side to tell that story over the season.

“My objectives for the rest of the year are like anyone else in the industry: stay on top of all these social media platforms, utilise them to the best of our ability, and find ways to strengthen the relationship between our audience and our brand through compelling content.”

All our thanks to Danny Ciaccio

For more information on the Seattle Sounders, please click here.

Good luck to Danny and the team for the rest of the campaign

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