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Empowering and inspiring women is what Business Coach and founder of Boss Girls, Stacey McNabney does each and every single day. Boss Girls is a business academy, for women in business, that aims to empower and enable women to support each other, to be the best version of themselves. This revolutionary community is breaking down barriers, and gender stereotypes and giving women everywhere a platform to achieve everything they have ever wanted. ‘I think being an entrepreneur is something you’re born with inside you,’ explains Stacey, as she sits down with The Atlantic Dispatch, to tell us her inspirational story, and how it is more important than ever to support women in business.

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Stacey exemplifies the importance of recognising the achievements and accomplishments of women everywhere. This is a CEO who is representing women 24/7 to help them better their lives. An entrepreneur, with a fierce work ethic, you get the feeling that Stacey’s journey is only just beginning.

Growing up in London, before moving to Scotland, where she had her two children, Caiden 13 and Becky 8, she began working in sales and attending college to learn about events and marketing, as well as looking after her children. It was on graduating from college, that she soon set up her first business running events. ‘My partner, Jamie also has his own business and I think this is so important.’ She tells us. ‘You need to be around someone who understands what life is like running a business as it can have an effect on your relationships with people.’

It has been a rollercoaster of a journey since Stacey set out into the world of business, but she hasn’t looked back, as she dedicates herself to perfecting her craft. Constantly learning, growing and staying ahead of where she needs to be, so she can offer her members the best service possible. It is something she is incredibly passionate about doing and it is a business that caters for everyone. Whether you’re a start-up looking to take your business to the next level, Boss Girls Academy will help you thrive.


Our goal is to champion women in business while encouraging them to be their most authentic selves. We have our Business Academy –  this is an online coaching membership for us to give women the support, knowledge and guidance to run their businesses, regardless of what stage they are at, we have created our own Blueprint for women to use and implement so we aren’t just coaching them, we are giving them proven strategies to implement.

We host a weekly call, to keep them accountable, setting tasks to ensure they are growing and improving at a steady pace. We make our academy online so women can fit it in between their busy lifestyles, but we also know the importance of human connection. We have two big events a year. Our Business Summit, where we bring together women in business, and a BossSquad of experts, where we chat about what life is like running a business, sharing tips and advice.

What makes our events unique, is that they are informal and we highlight and talk about our vulnerabilities. We also host in-person business workshops, again in an informal setting to ensure women feel relaxed and enjoy their experience. I also host our Podcast, Boss Girls #NoFilter – where I chat about the truths of business and have conversations with guests, who share their stories and experiences.


We launched in 2019 but our business membership started in 2021. In my previous business, where I was running events, I found it very isolating and overwhelming – there are two sides to a business, being good at what you do and knowing how to actually run a business.

I spent so much time feeling like I never actually had time. It was then that Boss Girls was born, I wanted women to be able to be good at what they do but also have the support and knowledge of how to run a business and to help save them time and money. I also wanted to create something that could also fit in with their lifestyle. I created our in-person events and took a very informal yet professional approach after struggling to find events to network with a diverse group of women.

Stacey has helped create a inspirational community of women in business

I have grown Boss Girls to a community of almost 50k people, launched a Business Academy, and a podcast, and organised events that sell out weeks in advance – I did all of this with no funding or support, and I want to show women they can do it too, this is why I created our Blueprint.  Building a business to encourage women to grow their own businesses, whilst developing my own personal self-belief has been a challenge – but I knew what I was doing was right. It took me to keep showing up and unlearning years of thinking, that I wasn’t good enough, to finally get to where I am. If you keep pushing through the hard days, and the lack of self-belief – you will grow as a person as will your business. I kept showing up for myself and these women and it’s been one of the best things I have ever done, and I am really proud of everyone in the Boss Girls community, they are the ones who make it, what it is.

‘Building a business to encourage women to grow their own businesses, whilst developing my own personal self-belief has been a challenge – but I knew what I was doing was right.’

– Stacey McNabney


Growing a business academy that has pushed women to grow their businesses and believe in themselves has been my biggest achievement. I am also incredibly proud of our events, for bringing these women together and creating an environment where everybody can b so open and honest. My advice to anybody looking to start their own business is to accept that you don’t and never will ‘know it all’, and that is more than okay, no one does. Also, INVEST! Invest your time learning, or your money out sourcing – play to your strengths and know your weak points. 

It is now more than ever important to empower women in business, my list of reasons is endless but when women are aroundS the right people and empowered they are unstoppable, we have some much power and strength when we are empowered and we need to support one another and work together to support we all get to where we want to be. There is already so much negativity and hate in this world lets all be the person who not only shows up for ourselves for the like-minded women around us. 

There is such a stereotype around what ‘Business women’ should look and act like, I want to break that stereotype and encourage women to show up as their authentic selves so they can not only grow their businesses but their confidence too. I want Boss Girls to reach women from all over, but not as a numbers game, I want them to use our academy to support them in creating an impact and to live life on their own terms. 

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