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CEDRIC CRESPIO: “I am in Love With Love. All the Time I Put Love First in My Life.”

Videographer and co-founder of Anoynym Studio, Cedric Crespio, arrived in Paris over 13 years ago with a romantic heart, a head full of dreams and wanderlust burning a hole in his feet.

Why did he move to Paris? What were his intentions? He’s not really sure. But he felt a longing to be there as if it was part of some plan that hadn’t yet been formed.

On his first night in Paris, Cedric spent much of the evening speaking with a promoter in one of the city’s most frequented nightclubs. It didn’t take long for the promoter to notice that women seemed to gravitate towards him.

I poured my heart into filming

The arduous role of a promoter involves bringing models to the VIP section of a club, and after that weekend Cedric was asked if this would be something he’d be interested in doing. It was not something he had to think about for very long.

“I ended up being a promoter for 5 years,” Cedric tells us. “In a weird way, because I spent so much time with models, I ended up building a strong eye for those who had potential in the industry.

“From the age of 24 until I was 30, I dated a model that went big in the industry. This gave me so many tools to make the right step into social media and the modelling business.”

Love as it often does, has the ability to shatter one’s heart in a million pieces. Cedric and his partner went their separate ways, and then Covid hit. He found himself in a dark and depressed place and moved home to stay with his mother as he tried to find inspiration to live the life that he wanted.

“I was thinking that my life was done. I was turning 30, and I thought, ‘That’s it’. So I poured my heart into filming. Filming as much as I could whenever I could.”

“I poured my heart into filming. Filming as much as I could whenever I could.”

All the time I put love first in my life

“My videos weren’t amazing ( they are still not) but people began to take notice of them, and told me how much they liked them. It was like therapy for me.” Not entirely happy with his filming, Cedric thrust himself into the world of cinema. Consuming film after film, taking notes, seeking influence and studying ways in which he could improve upon his work. “I was watching three films a day. I was manic about needing to improve. I needed to make my eyes understand what looked good on camera.”

He immersed himself in the world of Argentine filmmaker, Gaspar Noé, and became obsessed with the psychology of Fight Club, and the science fiction aesthetics of The Matrix. Finding ways to spark his imagination became almost an addiction. “I’m in love with cinema, and I’m in love with love. All the time I put love first in my life.”

“All the time I put love first in my life.” Telma and Cedric. Shot by @willycartier

It was however the film movement, la nouvelle vague that really helped him to begin to find his style, and It was around this time that the idea to form Anonym Studio began to come to fruition. It would be a consulting agency dedicated to talent development and marketing communication.

“The studio is small, but we’re growing all the time. We have a variety of models on our books, and they are all looking to progress their careers in modelling, fashion or acting.”

Telma Masurel

Anonym offers a consulting strategy, image production, talent management and development as well as branding, content production and a concierge service for clients and talent.

“What we are doing is helping our talent to build the right image for them and grow their profile across social media and use it as a vehicle to show their skills.”

She has become my inspiration

It was at this point that Cedric’s muse entered his life. “I met my girlfriend, Telma Masurel and it was like a crazy falling in love time. She has become my inspiration and pushed me to film more and more. So I film her. Find someone and make them your muse. That is Telma to me.”

Find someone and make them your muse

Cedric’s filming takes you to the very heart of the la nouvelle vague movement and Telma portrays the role of the leading lady in his work and Cedric captures her in all her beauty. When they appear together on film they resemble a young Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon, living a life where all that matters is love. “

“She has become my inspiration”. Shot by @willycartier

“Filming Telma helps us practice our art since she is studying to become an actress. I want to make videos that look like paintings. I want to make a masterpiece. And if one day I can do that, then I will be happy.”

“I want to make videos that look like paintings.”

To learn more about Anonym Studio visit here.

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