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Celebrating 50 Years of Timex Quartz Watches 

Timex celebrates 50 years of being fashionably on time. 

“We believe every watch has a soul. Ours comes from a relentless pursuit of craftsmanship, quality and design.”

The globally renowned watchmakers Timex are marking 50 years since the first quartz watches with a golden take on the classic Q Series. This reissue is based on the original design of the first piece, originally released in 1972, and that spearheaded the brand’s entire range of quartz timepieces.

This latest addition to the series features a polished, gold-tone tonneau case and hour markers designed to give a floating effect above the bright red dial.

Boasting boldness from all angles, this archival quartz watch contains all the usual attention to detail you would expect from Timex, with additional period-perfect domed acrylic crystal on top and a coin-slot battery enclosed underneath.

Journal Magazine Celebrating 50 Years of Timex Quartz Watches Q Series Latest Addition Watch
 The latest addition to the Timex Q Series.

The Timex History

This is 50 years of quartz, but the Timex story goes back longer than this. The original rebel watchmakers with a cause, the business was established in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company. They originally turned the 300 year old watchmaking industry on its head, stamping their gears out of metal rather than carving from wood.

Smaller, more accurate watch movements became the norm thanks to their innovation, and the impressive automakers of Detroit were inspired by their initial assembly lines. For more than 165 years, Timex watches have been revolutionising the industry and making quality timepieces affordable to all.

Their approach has always been about opening the market to all. From making well-built home clocks available to more than just the wealthy, to creating the first watches aimed at a female audience in the early 20th Century, Timex has been looking to break into new markets and make luxury timekeeping as accessible as possible.

This approach is what makes Timex a household name. They were one of the pioneering brands that moved the timepiece from the pocket to the wrist. By the 1960s, every third watch sold in America was a Timex. They used live television broadcasts to torture test their watches, showcasing the durability.

It’s a business with a long and storied history in the world of timekeeping, and they’re looking to celebrate that legacy with the latest addition to the Q Series.

Journal Magazine Celebrating 50 Years of Timex Quartz Watches Ad Showing Females Wearing Times
 Some of the first watches aimed at a female audience, courtesy of Timex.

The Story Continues

Choosing to celebrate the quarts range is no coincidence. Timex is looking to celebrate one of their most successful and unique series. Following the “quartz crisis” of the early 1970s, many businesses had to adapt from traditional practices to a new world of electronically powered watches. Quartz watchmaking proved to be a new avenue for Timex to explore, while still delivering their promise of accurate, reliable and affordable wristwear.

The 1970s signalled the launch of the Q Series, with one iconic design after another. While these watches were popular for the era, the wildly popular reissues in recent years also show that there was an ageless quality to the design. It is hoped that the latest addition to the Q Series hopes to continue the long legacy and popularity of Timex.

It’s hoped that these watches can symbolise more than just quality: they also embody the bold spirit of this era and the revolution of the industry. For generations, Timex has been held to the highest standards through inclusive and fair labour practices, sustainable materials and processes and by creating watches worn and loved for many years.

This is another step forward for the business, while giving a nod to the history that helped the brand get to where it is.

The Q Timex 1972 Reissue is available to buy from Timex for £155. Follow this link to order yours.

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