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Introducing the Croft 3912 Limited Edition

Spinnaker Watches are pleased to announce the launch of the Croft 3912 Limited Edition. The timepiece harnesses the clean functionality of the Croft with nautically sound engineering and a unique design that is both functional and charming. 

The Croft 3912 Limited Edition has a slim but powerfully built case, it’s detail visible with every line. The wholly legible, vintage-inspired dial is paired with a “sterile” diver bezel, originally used by combat divers in the 1970s.

The combat diver missions were lengthy and measured in hours instead of minutes. This meant the divers saw no need for minute hash marks and preferred a “sterile” bezel, devoid of markings except the single marker. 

The croft 3192 is both functional and charming. 

A solid stainless steel bracelet is accompanied with a paratrooper strap, made famous by French Navy divers in the 1960s. This slimmer profile strap offers an adjustable and comfortable alternative to wear in all conditions. 

The Croft 3912 is a limited edition timepiece with only 150 being produced. 

Available at  £500. 

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