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“We spent more than three hours in company, discussing wine, food, and life.”

There is an enormous advantage to living in Italy: you can travel a few kilometres with your car and witness a completely different landscape and cultural setting.

This becomes even more real when you are friends with Edoardo Celadon, the Founder of Most of Italy, the Italian company designing the country’s finest gastronomic journeys, bespoke for everyone’s needs and desires.

Throughout the past few months, I have experienced several “gastronomic truths”, as they like to call them, tasting a die variety of incredible and rare foods and discovering new breathtaking locations.
This time Edoardo proposed a morning “merenda”, basically a brunch, with one of Italy’s craziest wine makers.

The trip is organised as usual: they pick me and some friends up with a private transfer, we drive to the countryside surrounding Lucca and we arrive at Macea, the winery run by the Barsanti brothers.

The brothers took us to visit their peculiar amphitheatre-shaped land, explaining their marvellous work with passion coming out of every porous. They produce a few thousand bottles of biodynamic reds and whites per year, making it one of the most hard-to-get wines in Italy. Sometimes they barely have a bottle for Most of Italy’s clientele!

Back from the estate tour, Edoardo had already set our table up with some organic salami of old wild pigs, some biodynamic goat pecorino and an ancient wheat bread all from his friends – local farmers.
We open two bottles and we start to enjoy.

There’s a magic component to this act of drinking and eating in nature, at the artisan’s house, laughing and appreciating silence; hearing animals and breathing clean air under the sun.

We spent more than three hours in company, discussing wine, food, and life. Yes, because Edoardo only works with enlightened producers, modern-day heroes, sometimes practical, sometimes philosophers.

On our way home I think about how incredible the experience was and what could you possibly want more of on your table if not a sustainable, healthy, delicious and meaningful meal.

Edoardo Celadon is the Italian Chef and Entrepreneur who founded Most of Italy, with the idea of enlarging the world of high quality and natural food to Everyone.

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