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FEEDBACK BOY: “The Love I Have for Football, Fashion and Culture Makes Me Want to Create More and More.”

‘Hala Madrid,’ says Fashion Stylist and Creative Head of Old Capsule, Olanrewaju Alexandra, with a beaming smile when I ask him who his team is.

For the man who many know as Feedback Boy, football is a huge part of his life, as it is with many Nigerians. It is infused into their culture and passionately pumps through their veins with ferocity.

You can see how much football means to Olanrewaju, who was brought up in the golden era of the Super Eagles when the world fell in love with them during USA 94. What a team; Finidi George, Sunday Oliseh, Daniel Amokachi and Jay Jay Okocha.

The Super Eagles in full flight

Olanrewaju grew up in Ebute Metta, a neighbourhood of Lagos mainland. “It’s a lovely, lively yet stony neighbourhood. I was raised by my granny, and growing up was never easy in the neighbourhood, but I still had so many fun-filled childhood experiences.”

It was those early days in Ebute Metta when football began to capture Olanrewaju’s imagination, and it was the creativity and culture of Lagos, that introduced him to the world of retro and vintage fashion.

Image: @oofypictures_

Lagos is a bustling metropolis, a hub of culture and commerce, and a place where tradition and innovation seamlessly coexist. It’s a city that is alive with electric energy, and you can see why it has earned its comparison with New York. Speaking with Olanrewaju, it’s easy to tell just how proud he is of his roots and you can see how much Lagos inspires his creativity.

Image: Samuel Ibikunle. FC Porto star Abraham Marcus

Now, as a Fashion Stylist and Creative Head, with his own successful start-up Old Capsule, and Olanrewaju collaborates with international and local football retail brands producing video and photography productions.

Lagos pulsates with creativity and Olanrewaju is at the very heart of that. Inspired by a vibrant city that breeds entrepreneurial spirit, It was a pleasure to sit down with the man himself, as we talked football, fashion and the future.

Image: Samuel Ibikunle: shirt available at Soccer Locker UK

There’s nothing you’re looking for that you won’t get in Lagos

Lagos is the New York of Nigeria. Lifestyle and culture are intact here. It is Nigeria’s smallest yet most populated State, which shows just how much people want to stay in Lagos. It’s called the centre of excellence for a reason. Lagos doesn’t accept nonsense.

There’s nothing you’re looking for that you won’t get in Lagos. No matter the hardship and crises that may be going on in Nigeria, Lagos will still find its way to be Lagos. Everybody should visit.

My love for Football started at a tender age. Where we play street-to-street soccer and watch the Nigeria Super Eagles Legends matches in my neighbour’s house. I just love that round ball .

Football means everything to Nigeria, the way it means a lot to the Brazilians. Football gives us joy. We love football as a country. It gladdens us to watch our Nigerian teams play, both male and female.

We might get mad at our players at some point due to poor performances but we still love them. Our Nigerian leagues are doing awesome too. Regardless of the tribe and ethnicity, Football unites us in Nigeria.

Image: Samuel Ibikunle: Abraham Marcus

If big brands want production in Lagos, we are the best to do it

I’m a fashion and football lover, that’s why I thought of intertwining football and fashion. I’ve collaborated with international and local football retail brands and much more is still to come.

When it comes to film and photography, I have a full team and we work together here in Lagos. We produce video and photography productions. If big brands want production in Lagos, we are the best to do it.

Image: Victor Edeh

I personally love anything retro. I feel some nostalgia when putting on a retro jersey. The mid-’90s to early 2000s was the best era for football jerseys. I feel they were made better then. Many of the retro stuff is ahead of its time.

I just want to create what the world can relate to

There wasn’t any particular inspiration behind the Soviet Union Retro Jersey project, that we shot recently. I got the shirt and thought of outdoor shots with aesthetics.

It’s funny how me and the photographer have been wanting to create that gas station-themed photography for months. Then boom this came. We planned and we executed it. I have to give a big shout-out to Olaniyan Oluwapelumi who captured the images

Image: Olaniyan Oluwapelumi

I just want to create what the world can relate to. The love I have for football, fashion and culture makes me want to continue to create more. The dream is to one day be a creative director and kit designer for football clubs around the world. I want to be a force in the football and athletic branding space.

Image: Olaniyan Oluwapelumi

My start-up company Old Capsule is already working hard in this space, making and creating innovative and exciting work. In due time we’re going to be big. I’ve got so many projects coming up, and we have collaborated with some brands locally and internationally. It will all be coming out soon, so Y’all stay tuned.

With thanks to the gentleman that is Olanrewaju Alexandra

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