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THE ROLLING AND THE STONED: Coffee, Especially an Espresso, Can be Such a Sexy Thing.

Christian is the one-man band behind The Rolling And The Stoned creating every item from scratch on his trusty pottery wheel at home in England.

Back in January 2023, this was all but an idea on a scrap of paper. Fast forward to 2024 and he has created a naughty little ceramic brand, that he is ready to take to the next level and give British pottery a sexy, luxury, high-end shot of life.

Christian, the man behind The Rolling and The Stoned.

Back in January 2023, this was all but an idea on a scrap of paper.

Evoking all things sexy, and of course luxurious.

The Rolling and The Stoned is a luxury ceramics brand and ode to hedonism inspired by the subversive culture of the 70’s and 80’s that evokes all things sexy, and of course luxurious.

Everything you see is designed and handmade in the United Kingdom. Once each design has been thrown on a potter’s wheel, the fun really begins. Each piece tells a story from the morning after the night before, adorned with eclectic mementoes such as stubbed-out cigs, burnt matches, lipstick stains and cigarette ash. All of the work is hand-finished with 24 karat gold; making each piece truly unforgettable.


“With a small espresso in one hand and a cigarette in the other, I’ve always felt untouchable,” says Christian. “Give me a pair of shades then that’s perfection. Even with a hefty hangover, after a double shot of strong coffee, I’m always ready to face the day.”

Espresso can be such a sexy thing.

For Christian, it has been a year of incredibly hard work to bring the brand to life. He has also done it all in such a creative and innovative way.

The brand harks back to his love of The Rolling Stones, and he’s genuinely making pottery sexy. You can tell how much thought and work has gone into each piece and not just that but the brand as a whole, from the design of the logo, and the photography, to the delightful touches of lip-stick adoring the espresso cups. No stone has been left unturned.

“The Stones themselves are quintessentially British and that’s exactly what I want my brand to sum up and reflect back on too,” explains Christian. “The brand is based, designed and made all within the U.K. and everything I’ve used down to the napkin in your order is made or based right here in the United Kingdom, supporting British companies, getting the best quality possible and keeping my carbon footprint of the brand minimal. I wanted it to be luxury, from the first impressions of the packing to what the narrative follows inside the box.”

We sat down with Christian to learn more about The Rolling and Stoned, the journey so far and find out what it is that makes the brand so unique.

the luxury, the excess the naughtiness ‘the morning after the night before’

I’ve always had a creative flare. Throughout my entire life I have loved art, music, clay and of course fashion. Over the years I’ve freelanced for a variety of different fashion brands filming and coming up with entire social campaigns.

Whilst creating and working for someone else, I’ve always thought one day I could do this for myself and my create my very own brand. This is why I created The Rolling And The Stoned which combines all of my passions, into one creative outlet.

I’ve built the brand from nothing, as well as learning how to throw pottery. I had done neither of this before, so the last year has been a steep learning curve, but something I’ve loved every second of. I’ve been lucky enough to have called on some pretty amazing friends which have helped from graphic design to modelling my launch and initial campaign. Coffee, especially an espresso can be such a sexy thing.

However, this being such a statement and a part of my life there’s never been a cup and saucer to live up to the whole look, that is until now. This is the exact reason The Rolling And The Stoned was born, to express everything, the luxury, the excess the naughtiness ‘the morning after the night before’ where even the pottery looks like it’s been to the party.

a sexy flourish to the collection. 

As I said, the entire collection is based on the narrative of the morning after the night before. Each piece features momentos from wild nights, many inspired by my own experiences. It’s fair to say I’ve had a few nights that I’ll never forget and getting to see some of what I’ve been up to stuck on my espresso cup the morning after is a welcome jog to the memory.

The entire collection is based on the narrative of the morning after the night before.

Our current collection features a range of luxury espresso cups in 3 colourways, a handful of cigarette ashtrays and a three tiered smoking stand. As I’ve mentioned, all of our products are embellished with eclectic touch such as stubbed out cigarettes, the ash to accompany, branded lighters, lots of kisses and lipstick marks as well as 24 karat beer caps to name a few. 

Each piece is designed and hand-thrown in England. The collection is fired three times and hand finished with a 24 karat gold and platinum lustre, which adds a sexy flourish to the collection. 

Think delicate black lingerie still hanging from the table lamps.

The biggest challenge I faced in the early days of staring the brand was perfecting the cup shape and learning how to repeat throw. I underestimated the length of time it would take to perfect the look, shape and feel of an espresso cup. A lot of hard-work and development went into the ergonomics behind my work. 

Our very first summer when still in prototype stage I had an amazing opportunity to exhibit our work in a private exhibition in Scotland. This pure luck gave me something to work towards with my samples as well as capturing a killer film of the estate on the west coast of Scotland which you can see across on our website.

I’m currently working on raising the awareness for the brand, this is an ongoing project. Once people discover us, they love the pieces. The challenge is getting more people to recognise us. 

Getting creative with our campiagns has definitey helped us gain awareness. We launched a Valentine’s Day collection that was centred around sharing a coffee with your partner, the morning after the night before of course.

Think delicate black lingerie still hanging from the table lamps.

Think delicate black lingerie still hanging from the table lamps, chandeliers dabble their faint light upon the couple below, a do not disturb sign cast on the floor centred around a smoking hot couple sharing their espresso’s together after their night of debauchery.

In terms of what we have planned for 2024, I don’t like to plan too far ahead, I just go with the flow and let luck guide me on my way. 

The man was living life to the fullest in our favourite decades

If I could take any 4 guests away for a night of unbridled mayhem, to any location anywhere in the world before sitting down for a morning coffee to discuss the previous night, then we would have to go to Paris.

For me Paris has to be the location as, in my option, it’s the sexiest city in the world, still close to London but just that far away for no stories that would get us into trouble to get back to the city. Plus I’m sure we’d be able to find a quant coffee shop pretty easily the morning after the night before to sit back and talk to my friends around the table, which include –

James Hunt – The man whom was living life to the fullest in our favourite decades, this man is one of a kind and we need someone to spray the champagne.

Keith Richards – Age, comes experience, he’ll have some amazing tales to tell as well as to riff away on his guitar in the background as the day turns to early evening.

Keith Moon, I’d love to shoot with the Rolls, I feel it would be the extravagant centre piece I’m longing for on a shoot to celebrate my new collection, just before he drives it into the pool of course.

Last but not least, 

Kate Moss – Why wouldn’t I extend the invitation to Kate.

Our thanks to the man that is Christian.

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